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Hard Baits

J & H carries a complete supply of Hard Baits for sale in our comprehensive Baits + Lures section.  Hard Baits are constructed from hard materials such as plastic – hard plastic that can withstand strikes from fish all day long – as well as stainless steel ball bearings to help it maintain its balance as it’s being pulled or jerked through the water.

Hard Baits you buy online typically have 3D eyes and gleaming finishes to appear as realistic as possible to all fish. They come in a variety of sizes as well, from an inch to several inches in length – again all depending on the type of fish you’re traying to catch. These baits will have single, double or treble hooks as well.

Hard Baits prices vary among the manufacturers. J & H Tackle carries the following manufacturers: Bomber, Captain Bills, CCW, Cotton Cordell, Creek Chub, Daiwa, Duo Realis, and Eurojet. We carry Evergreen, Gibbs, Joe Baggs, Megabass, Norcalkat, Northba, Rapala, River 2Sea, S&S Bucktails, Salvage Gear, Sebile, Shimano, and Spro as well. And, of course we carry Stillwater Lures, Strike King, Super Strike, Tactical Anglers, Tsunami, Washed Ashore and Yo-Zurt. So, you’ve got almost a dozen manufacturers and hundreds of Hard Baits to choose from.

Hard Baits are not made of cheap materials, and incorporate the latest technology for balance, casting, and attractiveness to fish. Consider how much technology is packed into these gems and you’ll understand why they make it so easy for you to catch your quarry.

Manufacturers of Hard Baits for sale each have their own particular style and design for their lures. For example, Gibbs Darter Wooden Surf Lures, handcrafted in Rhode Island, are ideal for fishing for striped bass. And, they’re made out of wood rather than plastic, because wood provides more drag when being retrieved. The drag instils a darting motion that will attract striped bass and other game fish.

Hard Baits to buy online come in a variety of lengths, and weights, as well as colors. Remember fish can see colors, although what they see varies depending on the amount of sunlight, the turbidness of the water and other factors, which is why you want a wide selection of colors to choose from.

Have you ever wondered who designs these Hard Baits for sale? They are invented or designed by men and women with decades of experience in angling. For example, Larry Dahlberg, a member of the IGFA Hall of Fame, designed the River2Sea Whopper Plopper.

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