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Striped Bass Fishing: Best Baits, Techniques, and Prime Times

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Striped Bass Fishing: Baits, Techniques, and Prime Times Welcome to the exhilarating world of striped bass fishing, a sport that combines skill, patience, and the thrill of the catch. Striped bass, often referred to as ‘stripers’, are among the most sought-after game fish in the United States. Their robust size, […]

Jan 23, 2024
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Ultimate Guide to Fluke Fishing: Techniques, Tips, and Best Baits

Unveiling the Secrets of Modern Fluke Fishing Fluke fishing, a blend of skill, patience, and strategy, stands as a fascinating challenge for anglers along coastal waters. More than just a hobby, it’s an evolving art form, with each catch telling its own unique story. Targeting fluke, known for their cunning nature, has been a revered […]

Jan 10, 2024
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Best Saltwater Fishing Rods for 2024

Saltwater fishing is an exhilarating adventure that blends skill, patience, and the right equipment to create unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re battling a fierce marlin off the coast or casting for redfish in the flats, the thrill of the catch is unmatched. However, the key to a successful saltwater fishing trip lies not just in your […]

Dec 28, 2023
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How To Catch Catfish: Step by Step Guide

Introduction Catfish Species Preferred Habitat Best Time to Fish Blue Catfish Deep, large rivers Late Spring Channel Catfish Lakes, rivers Summer Evenings Flathead Catfish Murky, slow rivers Night Time Different species of catfish Catfish fishing is more than just a leisurely pastime; it’s an adventure that combines skill, patience, and a touch of mystery. These […]

Dec 11, 2023
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How to Improve Fishing Skills

Introduction Fishing is more than just a pastime; it’s an art form, a communion with nature, and for many, a profound passion that transcends mere hobby. Whether you’re standing knee-deep in a gently flowing stream, casting your line from the rugged coastline, or navigating the open waters, fishing offers an escape from the hustle and […]

Dec 10, 2023
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Choosing the Proper Rod Length

Introduction With this fishing rod length guide we hope to make choosing the correct rod a little bit easier. You might be asking, “How long should my fishing rod be?” Selecting the right fishing rod is crucial for any angler, whether they are just starting out or have years of experience. The length of the […]

Nov 24, 2023
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Embarking on the Long Island Largemouth Bass Adventure

Are you an ardent angler residing on Long Island, continuously seeking that elusive freshwater bass? Look no further! J&H Tackle is more than just a tackle store; we’re your fishing companion, offering a carefully curated range of exceptional gear from renowned brands such as Dark Matter, Megabass, Keitech, and Shimano. Prepare to embark on an exciting expedition into the […]

Oct 14, 2023
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Inside The Penn Fishing Company: A Legacy of Quality

Introduction: A Legacy Like No Other Hey there, fishing enthusiasts! Today, we’ve got something super special for you—an exclusive history with the brilliant minds behind the Penn Fishing Company. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into making some of the best fishing gear in the world, then you’re in the right place. Quick Fact: Did […]

Oct 03, 2023
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Should I Fish A Dark Matter Rod?

The simple answer is yes but it depends on your fishing situation. There are so many different ways to fish and most companies, even though they try very hard to be everything to everyone, they are not. Dark Matter definitely is not trying to please everyone but to change your expectations of what a fishing […]

Sep 19, 2023
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50% Off In-Store Mystery Rod Sale

Sometimes we like to do sales that are a lot of fun and this is one of them. We are offering 50% off a wide range of high quality fishing rods all week long. Sale runs through Sunday. We’ve set up a bunch of rod racks in the back of the store in front of […]

Jan 25, 2022
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