Should I Fish A Dark Matter Rod?

Sep 19, 2023
Joshua Fuld

CEO and Founder

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The simple answer is yes but it depends on your fishing situation. There are so many different ways to fish and most companies, even though they try very hard to be everything to everyone, they are not. Dark Matter definitely is not trying to please everyone but to change your expectations of what a fishing rod should be. Let’s start there.

There’s no doubt that if you’re reading this blog post you are into fishing. You enjoy the sport and would much rather be on the water than reading. I get it. Let’s begin by answering the question “What is a fishing rod?” In its most basic description, a fishing rod is a flexible stick with some guides and a handle. In 2023, using modern manufacturing, most manufacturers can build a fishing rod that can achieve the basic task it was designed for. For example, Rod A was built for jigging for striped bass and it does just that. It’s not the best rod for jigging for striped bass, but it can achieve the task. I call this a functional fishing rod.

So the next question is “Are Dark Matter Rods functional and is that all I have to look for?”

Yes Dark Matter Rods are functional and no there are other things that are important but you have to determine what type of angler you are. There are three main things to look for when buying a fishing rod. Function, which we already discussed, Style and Value. Style is a mix of how the rod looks and how the rod makes you feel. Maybe you’re the type of angler who’s happy just fishing and don’t care about style. Or maybe style is important because you’re staring at your rod for hours upon hours every time you go fishing and the visuals give you pleasure.

What about Value? Value is just the worth of something to you based upon its initial cost. In your mind does this rod help you catch more fish or bring you happiness in someway that is worth more than what you paid for it in dollars?

Red Dark Matter Psychedelic Z Casting Rod

The reason you should buy a Dark Matter Fishing Rod is because it delivers on all three of the things we have discussed – Function, Style and Value. Most manufacturers can do Function. Some can do Value but the vast majority cannot do style and Dark Matter excels at all three. Their rods are highly functional, focusing on making an individual rod excellent at a specific task. Their rods are stylish by using bold, beautiful colors in their paint jobs and meticulously pairing them with accent colors that work well together. They also deliver great value. So when you buy a Dark Matter Rod you are really getting a lot for your money.

Again, Dark Matter Fishing Rods are not made for everyone. If they make a rod that fills a need in your fishing arsenal then they should definitely be on your list of fishing manufacturers that will not only help you catch more fish but will make you have a better fishing experience while on the water.

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