Penn Slammer IV 3500 Video Review

Feb 18, 2022
Joshua Fuld

CEO and Founder

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It seems like ICAST 2021 was forever ago! That’s where we learned of the new Penn Slammer IV Spinning Reels. Fast forward seven months and the reels are finally starting to trickle in. The Slammer IV is definitely Penn’s smoothest spinning reel to date. One turn of the handle will tell you that. Watch our video review below to get a look at this brand new reel.

Penn SLAIV3500 Penn Slammer IV 3500 Spinning Reel

To be honest the release of this reel was a bit of a surprise. The Slammer III has only been out for a few years and it has performed really well both for the angler and for Penn. I believe that because there is more competition in this style of reel, manufacturers are going to be doing updates a lot faster than they have in the past. The Slammer IV is smoother, has an updated drive train and has better sealing than the previous generation.

Should you buy the Slammer IV or stick with the Slammer III? In almost all cases you should get the newer version. It is rare that a manufacturer launches a successor that is inferior to its predecessor. The new Slammer IV is a really nice series of reels. Buy one here and go catch some fish!

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