Five Great Fishing Lures For Catching Striped Bass!

Nov 08, 2023
Joshua Fuld

CEO and Founder

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The pursuit of striped bass, with their cunning nature and formidable strength, is a pastime that captivates anglers across coasts. Each outing is a story waiting to unfold, with the lure at its heart. Through my ventures, from the sun-drenched shores of the Outer Banks to the rugged cliffs of the Pacific, I’ve come to appreciate that the secret to a successful catch lies not just in the angler’s skill but equally in the choice of lure. These marvels of fishing technology, with their intricate designs and lifelike actions, are the difference between a tale of the one that got away and the triumphant snapshot of a striper held aloft. Below, I present five lures that have consistently proven their mettle in the quest for the elusive striped bass. From poppers that dance provocatively on the water’s surface to twitchbaits that dart erratically through the shallows, these lures have been my trusty allies in countless battles against these formidable fish.

Dark Matter Fishaholic Pulsar Popper3 3/4″ & 5″3/4 oz & 1 1/2 ozTopwater PopperDark Matter Pulsar Popper
Super Strike Little Neck PopperVaries1 oz to 3.75 ozSurface/SwimmerSuper Strike Popper
Dark Matter Astro Spook7″3.7 ozTopwater WalkerDark Matter Astro Spook
Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Twitchbait4 3/8″ & 5 1/4″1 oz & 1 3/4 ozSubsurface TwitchbaitYo-Zuri Twitchbait
Rapala X-Rap Twitchin’ Minnow4″1/2 ozSubsurface SwimmerRapala Twitchin’ Minnow
Five amazing striped bass fishing lures!

Topwater Triumphs: The Dark Matter Fishaholic Pulsar Popper

My maiden voyage with the Dark Matter Fishaholic Pulsar Popper is etched in memory, a Cape Cod adventure where striped bass were the coveted treasure. The sight of these majestic fish breaching the water’s surface to attack the lure was electrifying. This popper’s construction boasts a resilience that can withstand the most tenacious of striped bass, a battle-tested warrior in my arsenal. It’s not just a lure but a performer that commands attention with its rattles, creating a symphony that sings the siren’s call to the stripers below. Crafted to perfection, it’s a masterpiece that mirrors the ingeniousness of its namesake, Fishaholic, with each pop and splash orchestrated to mimic the erratic distress of prey. This lure is not just a part of my tackle; it’s a part of the stories I tell.

Dark Matter Fishaholic Pulsar Popper

The Versatile Veteran: Super Strike Little Neck Popper

The Super Strike Little Neck Popper has earned its stripes as a staple in my tackle box, especially after a day off the sandy shores of New Jersey. Its design brilliance lies in its adaptability; whether it’s the topwater commotion that calls forth the behemoths from the depths or the subtle underwater dance that lures the wary, it delivers. The memory of stripers, previously aloof to my offerings, succumbing to its allure is a testament to its prowess. This lure doesn’t just attract fish; it entices and captivates, ensuring that even on days when the ocean whispers quiet secrets, the promise of a strike is never far away. Designed by a master lure builder, one of these has to be in your arsenal!

Walking the Dog: Dark Matter Astro Spook

The day I introduced the Dark Matter Astro Spook into my routine, the South Shore of Long Island became not just a fishing spot, but a theater of aquatic acrobatics. The lure’s near two-foot off-center walk is a dance that beckons stripers to the stage for a dramatic confrontation. Each cast is a performance, with the Astro Spook playing the lead, tempting fish with a siren call that’s irresistible. It’s a lure that doesn’t just capture fish; it captures the imagination, turning each outing into a narrative of man versus nature, where each strike is a climactic event worthy of an audience.

Dark Matter Astro Spook

Subsurface Specialist: Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Twitchbait

As the sun’s first light touched the waters of Long Island Sound, the Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Twitchbait unveiled its prowess. The internal holographic sheet, a technological marvel, acted like a magnet to the stripers, each twitch igniting a strike as if it were a reflex. Its durability is legendary; the lure has withstood countless battles and still emerges as a beacon of reliability. Over time, it’s become more than just a tool—it’s an extension of my mind, syncing with the rhythms of the tides to tempt the wariest of bass. Such a great fishing lure. You should try one!

The Shallow Water Warrior: Rapala X-Rap Twitchin’ Minnow

On the storied coasts of Martha’s Vineyard, the Rapala X-Rap Twitchin’ Minnow proved itself as the maestro of the shallows. Its walk-the-dog finesse was more than just a technique; it was artistry that demanded precision and, once mastered, rewarded me with strikes that were both frequent and ferocious. This lure is a testament to the art of angling, a piece of my fishing soul that I carry to every shore, confident in its ability to conjure the silver flash of a bass from the sea’s embrace​​.

Rapala X-Rap Twitchin' Minnow

In my journey as an angler, these five lures have been more than just instruments of the trade; they are the essence of countless stories of triumph and resilience against the majestic striped bass. Each cast into the vast blue is a narrative spun from anticipation and excitement, where these lures play the central role. They are not merely tools but the keys to unlocking the dance between angler and fish, each with its own character and tale of conquest.

Whether it’s the heart-stopping splash of the Pulsar Popper, the strategic versatility of the Little Neck, the dramatic sashay of the Astro Spook, the tactical allure of the Yo-Zuri Twitchbait, or the graceful finesse of the Rapala Twitchin’ Minnow, these lures encapsulate the spirit of the sport. They are crafted not just for catching but for connecting us to the wild, rhythmic pulse of the ocean. These lures stand as testaments to innovation and tradition, bridging the gap between the primal struggle for survival and the modern angler’s quest for the ultimate catch.

Embrace these tools of mastery, and you’ll find that with each outing, the legend grows, not just of the fish you catch but of the memories crafted and the legacy you continue as an angler. This is not just fishing; it’s an homage to the timeless dance between man and nature, a dance that these lures help to choreograph beautifully.

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