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Strike King Bleeding Bait Elite Buzzbait

Strike King Bleeding Bait Elite Buzzbait


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Buzzbaits for sale at J & H Tackle is another topwater lure that does the job when it comes to attracting fish who are intrigued by its noise and its colors – in addition to the lure’s main color it also a red accent which may fool your quarry into thinking it’s got an easy meal.

Buzzbaits you buy online from us are from the manufacturer Strike King, a manufacturer we’re proud to carry as they deliver quality lures at competitive prices.

Did we say competitive buzzbait prices? Buzzbaits are less than five dollars. Now, that is a great price. We always encourage are valued customers to stock up on lures – as well as all other gear – but with buzzbaits at this price it’s really easy. Three different colors may well attract three different fish- and although bass have excellent eyesight they do see colors differently depending on how much sunlight is available.

Buzzbaits are cheap, end of story. At less than five dollars, cheap is the appropriate description. Cheap in price but not in manufacture or design. Buzzbaits deliver the goods.

Buzzbaits for sale are topwater lures, meaning they float on top of the water. They are otherwise known as surface lures and are ideal for bass.  When a fish rises up to swallow a topwater lure, you know it, and it delivers quite a thrill.

Buzzbaits you buy online from J & H Tackle are a lot of fun. Shipping is not onerous on such a lightweight item, but remember that if you order over $100, shipping is free. That’s another reason why we encourage our customers to stock up on several of each item they’re purchasing. Not that we mind sending out a single item!

Buzzbait prices are such that you can easily stock up on a wide variety of lures, so that you can try a wide variety of fishing, going after different species that are attracted by different kinds of lures.

Buzzbaits for sale at J & H Tackle reflect our desire to be your one-stop shop for all baits and lures. Regardless of the type of fish you are angling for, we are here to help you catch it!

Buzzbaits you buy online are easy to use. Like Chatterbaits, they are designed for a steady retrieve – you cast out the lure and then reel it back in with a steady rhythm. Or you can try different methods – reel the bait in very fast, jerk it a bit. Reel slow, then fast, then slow again, anything to create an impression of an injured baitfish just waiting to be snapped up.

Any questions? Contact us today! We are here to answer any question you may have regarding buzzbaits for sale, or any other lure that you are interested in. Our experts can answer any question or concern you may have.