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Z-Man Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammer

Z-Man Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammer


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Chatterbaits by Z-Man for sale at J & H Tackle deliver a lot of fun and also helps you catch bass. Yes – fishing without catching anything is not as fun as fishing and catching something – but it beats a day at the office any way you look at it!

Chatterbaits Z-Man you buy online attract fish like bass because of their design. It’s a jig that has a single blade, designed in such a way that it will emit sound – a “chatter” that bass love, and vibration that will wake up or intrigue any nearby bass as it’s being pulled through the water. As with any lure you can use it the way it’s intended – in this case as a “constant” retrieve, never stopping until you’ve reeled it back in – or you can jerk it or do whatever you like with it to see what’s attracting the bass in your particular location. The design also helps avoid snagging if you pull it through weeds or other cover.

Chatterbait Z-Man prices are reasonable and they come in a variety of colors, so as always we advise you to stock up on quite a few so you switch out the lure color to see what attracts the bass on that particular day. Bass can see colors in bright light, not so much in dim light.

Chatterbait Z-Man lures aren’t precisely cheap, but that’s because of their sturdy design and the top-quality materials that go into their manufacture.  The hook is of heavy wire so your bass isn’t going to be able to escape easily, and the blade (which produces the vibration and noise) is stainless steel. The decoy egg snap – the snap that attaches the lure to the line, is also of high quality, and it’s popular because it makes it easy for the angler to change lures out on the water.

Chatterbaits Z-Man for sale are fun, durable and they have been popular ever since they debuted on the market. Bass fishermen and women love them, and you’ll see why as soon as you give them a try.

Chatterbaits Z-Man to buy online at J & H are from the manufacturer Z-Man. An easy name to remember and one you’ll remember whenever you’re looking to upgrade your lures. Z-Man is based in South Carolina and they are experts with chatterbaits. In fact, they invented chatterbaits, way back in 2004. And they’re so good at catching bass that we’re proud to carry the line.

Chatterbait Z-Man prices attractive? They should be. You’ll catch bass after bass with these lures so the value for money is there time and again. Technology and fishing lures go hand in hand, as the chatterbait shows. See a need? Fill the need, and that’s what the Chatterbait does.