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Bass love frogs. So when you’re fishing for bass, using a frog lure makes sense – especially if they’re the non-slimy kind that only look like real frogs!  Frog lures for sale here at J & H include several manufacturers: Akashi, Deps, Imakatsu. LIVETARGET, Magabass, Spro and Teckel.

Frog lures you buy online are light, usually only about two-fifths of an ounce, and come in a few sizes – just the right size that the bass think it will make a tasty snack.  Frog lures come in a variety of different colors and designs, but will all move in a motion through the water that resembles frog action.

Frog lures prices are a wonderful bargain, as most are designed with a shell protecting the hooks so that they don’t get caught on weeds if you’re casting among the lily pads. Frog lures are painted in a variety of colors to look life-like and to attract bored as well as hungry bass!

Frog lures cheap online are sure to please the bass angler.  Be sure to stock up on several frogs in a variety of colors. Bass are attracted to certain colors and manufacturers have chosen them carefully. Tests have been done to see if bass actually do see color – and for the most part they do. In dim light they only see black and white, but in bright sunshine they are able to see all colors – at least so say the scientists!

Frog lures for sale don’t always resemble frogs, it must be said. Check out the Akashi Brand Hunyan Frogs, for example, that look like little alien creatures. Others look like tiny prey fish that bass also love to eat. Some have their sticky hooks out in the open and are designed for clear water, others come in a shell so that they won’t pick up weeds.

Frog lures prices are quite reasonable, and when you order over a certain amount, shipping is free, so that’s another reason to add quite a few frog lures cheap to your shopping cart!

Frog lures you buy online are ideal, because you can see all the available stock in one place and check out the specifications. For frog lures the specs are color, length, weight and type – which of course is floating. Most manufacturers offer their frog lure designs in a variety of different colors. Some are green, some orange, some white, some with little red eyes and so on.

Frog lures cheap or expensive have the weight distributed in a different place which offers different action – some have the weight in the center, others have the weight in the rear.

If you have any questions about any of the frog lures you can buy online from J & H, please do not hesitate to send us a message.

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