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Jigs and Spoons

Jigs and spoons you buy online from your one stop fishing shop, J & H Tackle, are represented by the following manufacturers: Acme, Andrus, Andy’s Custom Bass Lures, Backwater, Bread and Blue Frog. Jigs and spoons for sale from the following manufacturers: Captain Bills, Charlie Graves, Deadly Dick, Hogy, Hopkins and even J & H Tackle will make you happy.

Jigs and spoons prices from other manufacturers we stock include Joe Baggs, Kettech, Missile Baits, Point Jude, S & S Bucktails, Shimano, Spro, Strike King, Tady, Tony Maja and Tsunami and will fit any budget.

Jigs and spoons range from cheap prices to a but more expensive, all depending on the type of jigs or spoons you’re purchasing. Prices range from just a couple of dollars to just a little lower than a hundred dollars for a bundle of several bucktails.

As the name implies, spoons are flat pieces of brass, with a skirt on the other end hiding the hook. The skirt is also called a bucktail. These lures come in a variety of weights – 1/8th ounce, 3/8th of an ounce, 3/4ths of an ounce, all the way up to two to four ounces, which are ideal for surfcasting and fishing for stripers, jacks, trout and salmon.

Jigs are painted in a variety of shapes, such as crabs, and also come in a wide variety of sizes. Jigging for fish is a lot of fun, and jigs and spoons you buy online are bright, colorful and attract a wide variety of fish. Jigs and spoons for sale will keep you happy out on the water for a long time.

Blackfish are some of the most challenging fishing you can indulge in. Porgy and blackfish jigs solve the problem. If you want to meet this challenge, visit the S & S Bucktails products pages and stock up.

Jigs and spoons you buy online are suitable for practically any fish you can think of, in fresh or salt water. Browse through our jigs and spoons we have for sale and you’ll find plenty of lures that you’ll want – and need.

Casting lures from Deadly Dick are designed for freshwater and saltwater fish. These lures reflect light and look so realistic to your quarry. You’ll be happy with the Slimwave lures from Tsunami, too. They are long and slender and look just like minnows.

Jigs and spoons prices from Shimano can cost a bit, for example the Shimano Lucanus Jigs are great for saltwater fish. If you like to bottom fish, or fish around wrecks, you’ll be very happy with the Lucanus jigs.

If you have any questions about jigs and spoons, cheap or expensive, what are you waiting for? The experts at J & H are waiting to share their expertise with you.

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