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Lure Accessories

J & H Tackles stocks lure accessories you buy online from manufacturers such as Berkley, Run Off Lures, Shimano and Tsunami. It’s just another way we strive to be your one-stop tackle shop. Once you come to J & H for your fishing gear, there’s no need to go anywhere else. Except to finally go out on the water, of course!

Lure accessories for sale at J & H will keep your lures up to snuff. Check out the products pages for complete details of attractant spray, squid skirts, minnow teasers, holo teasers and replacement skirts and trailers. (If you’re looking for hooks, floats, rigs, swivels, and weights – things of that nature, those are classified as Terminal Tackle, by the way.)

Lure accessory prices are quite reasonable. Attractant spray from Berkley comes in a variety of scents – crab, menhaden, shrimp and squid. Simply spray this on any bait and see what happens!

If you use Gulp! Softbaits, you’ll want Gulp! Alive Recharge Liquid. Lure accessories are cheap when you consider how much use you get out of these attractant sprays. For catching fish you need everything in your arsenal, from sight, sound, and touch to aroma as well. All these things combined will enable you to vastly increase your catch.

Holo-teasers from Tsunami are just one of the many lure accessories for sale here at J & H. These teasers are inset with a hologram that flashes the sun and looks very natural to fish and very attractive. These teasers are “dressing,” as are skirts that cover the hooks. You can place these on any rig or lure you like to add a little bit more attraction to your fish-catching activities.

Lure accessories you buy online also feature such gems as Run Off’s Bucktail Teasers. Run Off’s teasers are made in the United States.

Lure accessories prices for items on offer at J & H will please your pocket book. Compare our prices to your local tackle store and you’ll know why J & H should be your one-stop tackle shop, especially when you receive free shipping for any order over $100.

Lure accessories are cheap in price but well made with quality materials. Technology enables these items to be so inexpensive, even with the craftsmanship on display. Bucktail jigs, enhanced with Run Off’s Bucktail teasers, will attract striped bass, black sea bass, perch, shad and bluefish.

Lure accessories you buy online, especially the attractant sprays, will make your fishing just a little bit more successful.

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