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Strike King KVD Finesse Spinnerbait

Strike King KVD Finesse Spinnerbait


Megabass V9 Spinnerbait

Megabass V9 Spinnerbait


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Spinnerbaits you buy online here at your one-stop fishing gear store, J & H, are from manufacturers Yo-Zuri and Strike King.  Spinnerbaits are ideal for catching bass. These manufacturers have spent decades perfecting these lures and you can now benefit from this technology.

Spinnerbaits for sale include the Yo-Zuri 3DB Knuckle Ball and the Strike King KVD Finesse. Each one of these spinners comes in different colors that attract bass, and have a different kind of action that bass will find irresistible. Fine one spinnerbait that you use all the time (but be sure to buy two or three of that one!) or buy both spinnerbaits so that you have a choice of which one to use when you’re on the water.

Spinnerbait prices are less than ten dollars, so they fit practically any budget.  That’s one reason why we encourage you to purchase a couple of spinnerbaits. By purchasing two or three at a time, you’ll always have a spinnerbait replacement should a line break.

Spinnerbaitscheap or expensive, they do the job. And their job is to help you catch bass. Specifications you should look out for are weight and color. Bass can see color – in the right light – so it’s important to have a variety of different colors of spinnerbaits for low light or bright sunshine.

Spnnerbaits to buy online will help you catch bass because of their action, and also their versatility. It’s important to not use a steady retrieve with a spinnerbait.  Jerk the rod once or twice, pause and let it sink a little bit, even retrieve it through weeds. Typically, spinnerbaits won’t get caught in weeds.

Spinnerbaits for sale will help you catch bass but also for a few other freshwater species like pike. Small spinnerbaits will entice crappie and bluegills.  Spinnerbaits intrigue bass and these other freshwater species by their vibration and their color. Spinnerbaits, as the name imply, spin. They also have “dressing,” what’s called a skirt, which is where the different colors of the lure come in.

Spinnerbait prices vary depending on the technology used. Inventors are always looking for new ways to catch the attention of bass and those other freshwater fish. Spinnerbaits were first invented way back in 1951 and while the basic design hasn’t changed much, there’s always new technology or materials that can improve them. Spinnerbaits have blades that spin like a propeller – it’s these blades that capture the attention of the fish, along with the skirt which covers the hook.