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J & H carries spinners for you to buy online, from Blue Fox. Blue Fox is a manufacturer of spinners, spoons and ice fishing lures. Their products are sold all over the world, and J & H is proud to carry their classic Vibrax In-line spinners.

What’s the difference between spinnerbaits and spinners for sale? Spinners ae “in-line” spinners, meaning that the revolving blade – that creates the sound and vibration when you retrieve the spinner – twists about a central point.  Spinnerbaits on the other hand have the blade situated “overhead” – on something that looks like a safety pin. Spinnerbaits also typically usually use more dressing, or “skirts.”

Spinners prices depend on the number of blades and the amount of dressing. The blades are also designed to provide different kinds of actions – they can be short or long, wide and thin and so on. Each different design presents a different action to the bass or other fish you’re trying to catch.

Spinners are cheap because they don’t carry the amount of dressing that spinnerbaits have. The Blue Fox Classic Vibrax for example comes in either silver or gold, with no skirt at all. (Of course, you can make and add your own skirts to these lures if you so desire.)

Spinners for you to buy online are the ideal lure for freshwater. Thanks to always-improving technology, the old problem with spinners, that they would cause the line to twist, has been solved with a simple gear. These lures also have a treble hook constructed by VMC, the leading hook manufacturer.  These hooks are sharp.  

Spinners for sale at J & H come in a variety of weights, from 1/8th of an ounce to 3/16th of an ounce. The different weights help the spinner retrieve lower in the water and the blade action to differ, just as how you retrieve the line – steadily, pausing, adding a little jerk now and then – also affect how fish perceive the lure and attract them to it.

Spinner prices are so reasonable that it behooves you to stock up on quite a few. Yes, we know we say that about every lure but frankly it’s a good idea to have several lures of each kind in your tackle box.

Spinners are cheap because they are no-nonsense, made of brass. They are simple yet they do the job. This is because bass can actually feel vibration in the water, and hear it, before they even see the lure. Once they do see the lure, they’re immediately enticed to strike.

If you have any questions about any of the lures for sale at J & H, please contact us today. We’re here to help improve your fishing experience.