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Swimbaits for sale online may seem to be very similar to crankbaits. The difference between swimbaits and crankbaits is how the lure action is generated. Swimbaits typically resemble small bait fish and are used in both freshwater and saltwater. The more realistic they are, the better!

Swimbaits you buy online here at J & H Tackle are represented by some of the best manufacturers in the business: Deps, Evergreen, Flash Union, Fringe Tackle, Gen Craft, Imakatsu, Kettech, LIVETARGET, Madness Japan, Megabass, Optimum Baits, Savage Gear and Tater Hog.

Swimbaits prices vary from inexpensive to rather expensive – it all depends on what type of fish you’re aiming to catch. For example, Tater Hog’s sectioned swim baits cost over two hundred dollars – but that’s because of the technology engineered into every swim bait. A Tater Hog Angry Gill, for example, is over seven inches in length, jointed, weighs 4 ounces, and is a “slow sink” type of lure. Many manufacturers make jointed swimbaits, as they really help with the realistic appearance of the swimbait when it’s being retrieved.

Swimbaits are typically not cheap. Again, it’s all about the technology. Take the Imakatsu Bassroid Jr, for example. It’s a dead slow-float lure, five inches in length, jointed, with two treble hooks. About fifty dollars, it has three joints, and a replaceable tail. These are extremely realistic swimbaits that may well fool you as well as the fish!

Swimbaits for sale have different types of retrieves. For example, there are “dead slow floating” swimbaits. There are “floating” swimbaits. There are “slow sink” swimbaits, “medium slow sink” and plain old ”sinking” swimbaits. It can take a while to learn just what lure to use for what type of fish, but you’ll learn this with experience.

Swimbaits you buy online can resemble juvenile trout, or juvenile bass, or other baitfish. These are the types of baits that attract those trophy fish.

Swimbaits prices can reflect whether they are Hard Body baits or Soft Plastic baits. For example, the Megabass Magdraft is a soft plastic swimbait that is six inches in length and ideal for freshwater fishing. It has a paddletail that delivers a lot of vibration to attract the big fish.

Plastic Swimbaits can be cheap, whereas Hard Body swimbaits are typically a bit more expensive. Swimbaits can be used in shallow water, in cover, and in deep water too. Swimbaits can come pre-rigged – meaning they already have hooks and lead lines attached, or they will need to be rigged and the purchaser can do so to suit his or her fancy.

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