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Create your own lure designs with trailers you buy online. J & H Tackle carries trailers from Fat Cow and Otter. Trailers are great when attached to the back of bucktails, rigs or jigs. They flutter through the water as you retrieve the lure, which causes motion that attracts fish over and over again.

Trailers for sale help you modify your lures to your own design. If the fish in your particular lake or spot prefer a different color, or a short or long trailer, you can attach these yourself. But trailers are more than just durable little lengths of colored material. They are also infused with aromas of various prey fish, to enhance their attraction capability.

Trailer prices are cheap because you get quite a few trailers in each purchase. For example Otter Short Tails are five inches long and a half inch wide, and you receive ten of them. Colors include blue, bubble gum, chartreuse, red and white. Be sure to check out Otter’s video of the Short Tails in action on their product pages.

There are straight tails, too, which impart a different kind of fluttering motion as well. Straight tails are a little over 4 inches long. Be sure to check the specifications when purchasing short or straight tails to see the length, width, and how many you receive in an order.

Trailers are cheap at the price, whether you order from Fat Cow or Otter. Otter offers Jig strips which again deliver a different motion and thus attraction than straight tails. Trailers are sturdy – they will hold up after multiple fish strikes, and reusable again and again.

Pork rinds used to be the trailers of choice, unfortunately pork rinds are no longer manufactured, which is why Fat Cow and Otter have stepped into the breach with their synthetic-material trailers.

Trailer designs vary and trailers for sale reflect this. The shape of the trailer and the type of aroma with which it is infused – squid, fish – will attract different kinds of sporting fish.

Trailers you buy online from J & H Tackle come in sealable containers. This is necessary to keep them from drying out and also to keep that infused aroma to itself! So for long trailers, short trailers, or split tail trailers, check out our stock here at J & H.

Hungry fish are going to go after your trailers for sale here, which make them well worth the investment. Trailers prices deliver excellent value, because you’ll be able to see the improvement in you fish-catching capabilities at once.