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Trolling Lures

Trolling lures you buy online here at J & H Tackle are going to fit quite nicely in your tackle box and help you in your quest for striped bass, tuna or wahoo. Or all three! Whatever you’re going to go trolling for, these trolling lures will do the job.

In addition to lures, we also offer from Carlson the “ultimate bird bar” – which is designed to troll for those really, really big fish. If you’re really serious about catching those big fish, the Carlson Ultimate Bird Bar is an excellent option.

Trolling lures for sale at J & H are from the top manufacturers: Blue Water Candy, Boone, Carlson, ChatterLures, Dark Matter, Joe Shute, and Squidnation. We even offer one of our own trolling lures - an umbrella rig specifically designed to catch striped bass in the Northeast.

Trolling lures prices are representative of their length and the materials from which they are made. Most trolling lures feature skirts that are from 9 to 12 inches in length. Trolling lures feature lures such as the Crazy Chatter Chain from ChatterLures, Squidnation’s Long Tail Flippy Floppy Daisy Chain, and Boone’s Bird Trolling Rig.  Blue Water’s Candy Mojo Lures are quite popular as well

Trolling lures are not precisely cheap, but as with all lures, you get what you pay for. They range in price from a little over ten dollars to a little over a hundred dollars.  It’s the spreader bars that cost that much, but they deliver when it comes to catching fish which makes them an excellent investment.

Several of the trolling lures you buy online at J & H can function as a lead for a ballyhoo. (For trolling newbies, a ballyhoo is a baitfish, or a type of lure!) Ballyhoo are tasty for dorado, tuna and a variety of billfish.

If you’re in search of trophy bass, take a look at the tandem Mojo rigs from Blue Water. These rigs feature two jigs on 8-inch shad bodies. They come in either chartreuse or white and in two different weights. Trolling lures prices reflect the strength of the materials – they have to be sturdy to withstand the strikes from ginormous tuna, sailfish and so on.

ChatterLures offers daisy chain lures, just right for Blue and Yellowfin and Big Eye Tuna, featuring designs such as four squid – 9” mauler squids from Squidnation, for example, that come in chartreuse or green, attached to a main line and with a Southern Tuna hook – hooks for tuna have to be quite large, by the way.

Trolling lures are cheap at the price.  Take good care of them, and they’ll bring you trophy fish on a regular basis.

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