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Wake Baits

Wake baits are a specialized type of fishing lure designed to create a visible wake on the water's surface, making them highly effective for topwater fishing. These lures are characterized by their ability to swim with a smooth, consistent motion just below or at the surface, creating a V-shaped wake that mimics the movement of prey like small fish or injured baitfish.

Typically, wake baits are hard-bodied lures with a slightly buoyant design, allowing them to stay at or near the surface during retrieval. They often have a shallow lip or no lip at all, which enables them to glide smoothly without diving too deep. The body of a wake bait is usually designed to wobble or roll slightly as it moves, adding to the lure's realism and attractiveness.

The visual appeal of wake baits is a key aspect of their effectiveness. The wake they create is easily spotted by predatory fish from a distance, triggering their instinct to chase and attack surface prey. This makes wake baits particularly exciting for anglers, as strikes are often explosive and visible.

Wake baits come in various sizes, colors, and designs, with some featuring additional elements like rattles or jointed bodies for extra movement and sound. They are especially popular for targeting species like bass, pike, and muskie in freshwater, as well as certain inshore saltwater species.

Ideal for calm or slightly rippled water conditions, wake baits offer a unique and thrilling way to engage fish, providing both effectiveness and an enjoyable visual experience for anglers.

ATTIC Annie 175 WB Wakebait

ATTIC Annie 175 WB Wakebait


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