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Conventional Combos

Conventional combo rods for sale consist of a conventional rod and a conventional reel, as the name implies! Instead of mixing and matching reels to rods, with a combo rod you get a reel already mounted onto a rod. The average fisherman or woman, just starting out in the sport, typically starts with conventional combo rods, cheap or not so cheap, because for many purposes conventional combo rods do just fine.

Conventional combo rods to buy online that J & H carries include the following manufacturers: Avet, Daiwa, Maxel, Penn, Seigler and Shimano. Conventional combo rods prices range from a little over a hundred dollars on up to a little over four hundred dollars, so as you can see the prices are quite reasonable. In addition to the enjoyment of fishing, you’ll be bringing home food for the table that makes conventional combo rods cheap at the price.

Conventional combo rods for sale are casting rods. The reel for a conventional rod is top-mounted, and faces the user. If you compare conventional combo rods to spinning combo rods, you’ll notice that spinning combo rods have a larger guide (for the line), whereas conventional combo rods have relatively smaller guides.

Conventional combo rods to buy online can be either jigging rods or casting rods. You can even get right-handed or left-handed rods. When searching for the perfect conventional combo rods prices, always take a look at all the information provided on each product page.

Types of information you can learn are how the reel retrieves – right or left, the line capacity, the max drag, the number of bearings in the reel, the material the rod is made of, the material the spool is made of, what the foregrip is made of, how much line is retrieved per one “crank” of the handle, and so on.

Conventional combo rods prices will climb as the quality of the material improves, although for the average angler the least expensive rods will do the job. The more serious angler will go for the top of the line rod and reel combos.

Conventional combo rods may be cheap in price, but they do consist of the latest technology when it comes to lightness and strength, smoothness of return, durability and so on.

Conventional combo rods for sale are priced so reasonably that it’s easy to stock up on three or four – placing a different weight of line on each reel so that many different types of fish can be searched for at the same time. Anyone who maintains a place at a lake will like the convenience of having several rods available for when friends come to visit.

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