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Deep drop combos are specialized fishing setups designed for deep sea fishing, targeting species found at significant depths, often beyond 300 feet. These combos consist of a deep drop reel and a rod, both engineered to handle the challenges of deep water fishing.

The reels in deep drop combos are typically electric or have a high-capacity manual winding system. Electric reels are preferred for their ease of use, as they can retrieve lines from great depths effortlessly, a crucial feature when fishing in extremely deep waters. These reels have strong, durable gears and advanced drag systems to manage the heavy loads and the fight of deep-sea species like grouper, tilefish, and swordfish.

Deep drop rods are shorter and sturdier compared to standard rods, designed to handle heavy weights and the strain of pulling fish from deep waters. They usually have a strong backbone with a relatively stiff action, necessary for lifting fish from deep below and for supporting the heavy tackle used in deep drop fishing.

The rods are equipped with robust, corrosion-resistant guides and a reinforced construction to endure the intense pressures of deep sea fishing. The handle and grip are designed for maximum leverage and control, aiding in the handling of heavy gear and powerful fish.

Deep drop combos are essential for anglers targeting deep-sea species, providing the necessary strength, durability, and functionality required for this demanding and rewarding style of fishing.


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