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Offshore Combos

Offshore combo rods for sale are used for trolling. Such rods need to be extremely sturdy.  At J & H, we carry these combo rods from Avet and Penn. These trolling rods are perfect for big fish such as a variety of tuna (yellowfin, bluefin, bigeye) well as such predators as sharks.

Offshore combo rods to buy online are usually standup rods. Standing up while trolling is a lot easier than sitting down and most rods these days are crafted to suit that discipline. Offshore combo rods prices reflect the special needs of fishing for big game fish – they start at a little over five hundred dollars and go right on up to a little less than a thousand. However, be sure to check back with us on a regular basis because we’re usually offering a discount on some of our rods, just as a “thank you” to our customers.

Offshore trolling requires strength, and offshore combo rods, cheap or expensive, are typically heavier than other rods. For example, the Penn Squall offshore combo rod weighs 79.6 ounces, whereas a Penn Battle Spinning Combo rod weighs only 19 ounces.  

Offshore combo rods for sale will feature an aluminum reel with an oversized handle to assist in reeling in that big tuna or shark. They are typically short, about five and a half feet is average, and they will come in two pieces.  These offshore combo rods, with prices that reflect their speciality, will have foregrips and rear grips and come with a gimbal which fits neatly into the “fighting” belt.)

The drag system on offshore combo rods to buy online is all important. What’s a drag system? Basically, it’s the way you ensure that your fish can’t break the line and escape. But setting an appropriate drag is an art in itself, as is the battle of getting your quarry all the way to the boat.

Offshore combo rods are not cheap but we carry the best brands at the best prices, and they can fit within your budget. Just take a look at all of the features these rods possess. Gear ratio is important, as is line retrieve (meaning how much line is spooled onto your reel with one turn of the crank). For trolling, it’s a matter of not only how much line is retrieved horizontally but also vertically. For example, for the Avet EXW, one crank of the handle and you’ll bring in37 inches of line and lift the line by 15 inches.

Offshore combo rods prices are an exemplar of the quality that goes into these rods. The pairing of rod and reel is all important and each of the combos offered at J & H will do the job you expect it to do. If you have any questions please contact us immediately.