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Spinning Combos

When it comes to spinning combo rods for sale, J & H has in stock such manufacturers as Daiwa, Penn and Shimano. Rather than purchasing a rod and reel separately, spinning combo rods make it easy for you by coming all in one. The reels are already mounted to the rods.

The main difference between conventional rods and spinning rods -visually at any rate - is where on the rod the reel is mounted. For conventional rods, the reel is mounted on top of the rod.   For spinning combo rods for sale, the reel is mounted below the rod. Casting, or conventional rods, are typically more difficult to learn than spinning rods, because the casting technique has to be perfected.

Spinning combo rods to buy online are typically the rod of choice among beginning anglers, because the spinning reel is much easier to learn – in fact there’s nothing to it. Because spinning combo rods prices are so reasonable, even beginning anglers will pick up a couple of these rods to use.

One thing to bear in mind when comparing spinning combo rods prices is the type of action available for each rod – fast, medium fast and so on. The length of the rod is also important. Combo rods are typically made in one piece and are usually over six feet in length. The number of bearings in a reel also determine how smoothly and easily it is to retrieve the fishing line – regardless of the weight of the fish on the end of it!

The handle of any spinning combo rods for sale is also important, as the quality of the handle has much to do with the comfort of your hands and the ability to spend the whole day fishing without having to give up due to an ache in your hands.

Spinning combo rods cheap or expensive is a matter of personal choice, and how much usage you expect to get out of your fishing rods. If you only intend to go fishing once or twice a month during the season, a less expensive rod might suit your needs. If you go on regular fishing trips, you’ll want even a couple of spinning combo rods to buy online, so you can have different weights of line on each reel, for different types of fish that you may be angling for.

Spinning combo rods prices also change depending on if you want one designed for inshore or offshore fishing. If you’re new to the sport of fishing you’re bound to have plenty of questions, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to share our expertise with you.

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