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Surf combo rods to buy online here at J & H are represented by manufacturers Daiwa and Penn.  Surfcasting is a growing fishing discipline in which the angler stands at the edge of the surf and casts way out past the breakers to target the fish lurking just off shore.

Surf combo rods prices vary from the mid-hundred to the mid-three-hundred-dollar mark. All of these rods and reels are spinning rods, as opposed to conventional rods, so they are quite easy to use in that sense. Having said that, surf combo rods for sale typically come in two pieces and are typically over eight feet long at the very least, and have a front and rear grip to aid with casting. For this reason, it’s going to take some practice to learn how to cast with accuracy.

With these surf combo rods you buy online, you can fish from a beach or from a pier. The reels are designed for salt water fishing – it’s essential that if you’re going to do salt water fishing, you have a reel designed to keep out the ravages of salt water and sand. Even though they’re designed for salt water fishing, you can certainly use them when fishing on a fresh water lake if you so desire.

Surf combo rods, cheap? Well, the price is right there for the budget conscious, but these surf combo rods really deliver.  Because these rods are typically so long – it’s essential that they be light-weight but nevertheless sturdy enough to handle the heaviest fish.

Surf combo rods for sale will typically have a power handle to help in reeling in that big fish. Handles are described as “power football,” “power oval,” or just “power handle. This refers to the shape of the handle knob. The shape of the handle is a matter of personal preference, so make sure to try out a few before you decide which one to buy.

Surf combo rods prices are excellent value. Surf casters can fish with lures or live bait, depending on the type of fish you’re going for. Any fish that hover around the beaches are fair game for a surf caster, from bass to flounder, bonito, albacore tuna, snook and tarpon.

Surf combo rods to buy online have product pages that give you all the information you need to make an informed choice about the rod you want to buy. When deciding, write down the information provided for each rod you’re interested in, such as number of bearings in the reel and what the reel is made of, as well as the handle shape. The material for the foregrip and rear grip are also important, as is the weight of the rod and reel itself.

If you have any questions about surf combo rods prices or any other piece of information, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.