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At J & H Tackle, we offer braid fishing line for sale from some of the top brands in the business: Daiwa, Jerry Brown, PowerPro, Spiderwire and Sufix. Braid fishing line is line that consists of two or more strands of material such as polyethylene, braided together to increase their strength.

Braid fishing line you buy online comes in different colors – and the color serves a purpose. For example, Daiwa J-Brand fishing line changes to a different color ever ten meters. This lets you tell at a glance at what depth your line is, or for casting – the length you’re getting on each cast.

Like monofilament and fluorocarbon, braid fishing line prices vary depending on the test weight of the line, and of course how much line you buy. Line comes on spools that clearly delineate the weight and length in yards.

Braid fishing line is cheap at the price, because it lasts longer than monofilament, just by virtue of being many different strands instead of a single strand. Braid fishing line has been in existence since the late 1990s. What’s nice about braid fishing line is that even though it’s braided, it’s a smaller diameter than monofilament line!

Braid fishing line for sale needs to be smooth, so that it can be cast a long way, and with accuracy. Braided line makes casting so fun, you’ll be happy to cast and retrieve over and over again even if you aren’t particularly fishing for anything. But if you’ve got a lure on the end of your line, you’ll be catching fish.

Braid fishing line you buy online has impacted the whole fishing industry, as once it was introduced it became possible to modify fishing reels to accommodate the much thinner line. As braided line manufacturers will tell you, up to three times more braided line than monofilament line will fit on a fishing reel. Wire line is used for deep water trolling, but braid fishing line can serve that purpose too.

When you consider braid fishing line prices, remember that your fishing rod will need braid-proof guides. If your guides become corroded due to salt water, there’s no need to purchase a new rod, by the way – you can purchase new guides if required.

Braid fishing line is not as cheap as monofilament fishing line, for obvious reasons, but it’s good to have a few spools of each in your tackle box.

Braid fishing line for sale is used by all anglers these days, and will continue to be for a long time to come, even as new technology is introduced.

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