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Fishing line accessories to buy online at J & H Tackle are represented by Jerry Brown. We offer their One Instant Adhesive, which is used with their Jerry Brown Spectra braid line. If you splice braid and mono together, this adhesive helps the two types of lines bond together.

Fishing line accessories for sale at J & H reflect are commitment to be the place where angles come to shop. We have a wide range of products for all fishing disciplines, and we deliver the quality service that you expect.

Fishing line accessories prices will differ depending on what kind of line accessory you’re actually in the market for. Accessories are items that compliment your fishing gear and aren’t always strictly needed, they’re just nice to have. At J & H, we say if an accessory is “nice to have,” then it is strictly needed. Any accessory that makes your time out on the water more successful by making it easier to catch fish is a necessary accessory.

Fishing line accessories are cheap because they provide methods to perform an action that make it easier than if there was no such accessory. They therefore save you time and frustration, which in itself is worth its weight in gold.

Fishing line accessories to buy online, such as line adhesive, suit a certain purpose. You may fish for quite a few months before you realize just what sort of line – and other – accessories you need which will help make your angling experience easier and less frustrating.  The purpose of fishing is to enjoy oneself out on the water, communing with nature or with friends, and enjoying the experience. Catching fish is just a by-product of the outdoors experience. (Well, that’s what we tell our non-fishing friends, anyway!)

Fishing line accessories for sale are best found online at a one-stop shop like J & H Tackle. You’ve heard the phrase, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Well, that’s particularly true in fishing. It’s not until you start browsing our products pages that you see items that you never knew existed. Then you wonder how you could have gotten along without them for so long!

Depending on the gear for which you’re purchasing fishing line accessories, prices can run from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Yes, some accessories can be that pricy. But fishing line accessories are cheap at the price if they are what you need.

If you have any questions about the fishing line accessories for sale at J & H Tackle, we’re all ears. Send us a message today.

Jerry Brown Adhesive System One Instant Adhesive

Jerry Brown Adhesive System One Instant Adhesive


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