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J & H offers monofilament fishing line for sale from the following manufacturers: Berkley, Hi-Seas and Momoi. Monofilament fishing line was invented over a hundred years ago and served anglers well for decades. However, technology has improved fishing line, as it has improved practically everything about fishing. Having said that, monofilament fishing line still has its uses.

Monofilament fishing line you buy online consist of a single strand of line – usually nylon, which is why it’s called “mono,” for “one”. The alternative to monofilament line is braided line, which combines several strands of material such as nylon into one line, delivering a stronger line.  But braided lines are stiffer to use than monofilament, which is why beginners still start out with mono.

Monofilament fishing line prices vary depending on how much of it you’re buying – a quarter-pound spool of line costs less than a 5-pound bulk spool of line. Some spools are sold by the yard, as well.

Monofilament fishing line can be cheap if purchased by the spool, but if you do a lot of fishing, you might like to stock up on as much line as possible. J & H Tackle offers monofilament fishing line in spools to suit any need.

Monofilament fishing line for sale comes in a few colors. Some line is yellow to make it easily visible to the angler. (This is why the invisible leaders are necessary.) Or it can have a “camo” color which helps it to disappear underwater. (Monofilament line make excellent leaders.) It can also come in blue, another color that can disappear in the water.

When looking at the product pages for monofilament fishing line, prices and other specs are important. The specifications will tell you the pounds test, the diameter of the line, and the number of yards on the spool. The thinner the line, the more line will fit on your reel.

Monofilament fishing line is cheap as long as it’s strong enough for your targeted fish species and doesn’t break at the most inopportune moment. Having said that, if you’re a tournament angler, you need to be careful about the standards imposed by the International Game Fish Association – which specifies the exact tensile strength you can use for your monofilament fishing lines.

Line weight of monofilament fishing line for sale is important. 30-pound test line is suitable for 30-pound tuna, for example. If you’re fishing for trout, a 4-pound test line is sufficient. Drag is another important consideration – you set that with your fishing reel.

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