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Uni-filament fishing line to buy online is the latest technology in fishing line. Uni-filament line consists of hundreds of Dyneema® nanofilaments, or more technically, gel-spun polyethylene, which are fused to deliver a super-strong line but also one with a narrow diameter so more of it can be reeled onto your fishing reel. You’ll love the way this line slides off the reel when you’re casting. Uni-filament fishing line is ideal for spinning tackle.

Uni-filament fishing line for sale at J & H is represented by Berkley, who invented NanoFIl in 2011. Uni-filament fishing line is very strong, will not stretch, and perhaps most importantly is super-sensitive, so you can feel the slightest nudge or nibble on the lure. Berkley Nanofil comes in a variety of weights from 4 up to 17 pounds test.

Uni-filament fishing line prices are higher than for other types of line, but that’s because of the technology involved in manufacturing the line. Because the line is super-strong and will practically never wear out, many anglers feel it’s worth the price.

Uni-filament fishing line is not cheap, but the words “cheap” and “expensive” are relevant, aren’t they? There’s no other fishing line like uni-filament line – it’s “top of the line” if you’ll pardon the pun.

Uni-filament fishing line you buy online was reviewed by Field and Stream when it first made its debut. New technology always does get reviewed by angling magazines and websites.  The reviewer commented that this line is extremely slippery, meaning that special ways to tie knots had to be devised by Berkley as well. It’s called the “NanoFil Knot.” (Diagrams and instructions for the tying of various fishing knots can be found online or on YouTube.)

Uni-filament fishing line for sale has no “spool memory”. This means it will lay flat on the reel, which is always a nice feature.  The more you use this fishing line, the better you’ll like it as its advantages will become apparent.

Uni-filament fishing line prices do reflect this upgrade in fishing line technology. The more you purchase, however, the more you’ll save. Remember that all orders over one hundred dollars come with free shipping.

Uni-filament fishing line, of high quality, not cheap, materials, will impress you in every area. If you’d like to discuss upgrading your spinning tackle to this line, why not drop us a line (sorry, another pun) and let us know of any questions you have about this fishing line. Don’t delay, communicate with us today.

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