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Some fishing line can be used for anything you want – spinning, casting, trolling. (They may not be ideal for the purpose, but they’ll work.) Others should be used for only one purpose, and that’s the case with wire fishing line you buy online through J & H Tackle. Wire fishing line is used only for trolling, because of its weight.

The manufacturer of wire fishing line for sale that we feature is Malin. Wire fishing line from Malin is soft and corrosion resistant. That’s important when you’re salt water fishing – but you can troll in fresh water with Malin wire fishing line as well. To help the user keep track of the rigs, the wire is marked every fifty feet – a useful feature.

Wire fishing line prices vary on the weight of the line. Spools typically offer 450 feet of wire. The diameter of the wire varies depending on the pounds test – 40 or 50 pounds

Wire fishing line is not made of cheap materials, but rather of a nickel-copper alloy called Monel. It doesn’t kink very easily – an important feature, and it doesn’t corrode easily either. It also slips through heavy cover with no problem. Monel is a dense alloy, so it sinks quickly and goes deep. That’s important when you’re trolling either fresh or salt water.

Wire fishing line you buy online will improve your trolling experience because of its properties. Trolling with wire is the ideal method, because of that density, strength, and yet remarkably soft and malleable. Pair the right line with the right lures, and the right rods, and you’re in for a great experience.

Wire fishing line for sale from J & H Tackle is the color of smoke.  Wire fishing line can’t be cut through by sharp little – or big – teeth, so leaders made of wire are helpful for those kinds of fish – such as mackerel or bluefish. And of course, sharks.

Wire fishing line prices will fit your budget, which needs to include rod, reel and lures. Remember the more you purchase, the more economical it is, and remember that if your order totals over one hundred dollars, your shipping is included in the price.

There’s nothing quite like the experience of trolling, and wire fishing line is a cheap but crucial element of making that experience a successful one. Broken lines or lines that have been bit through really ruin the ride!

At J & H Tackle, we are here to help you make every fishing experience a memorable one – in a good way. Please contact us with any questions you may have on wire fishing line you buy online from us. We are happy to answer all your questions so please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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