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Fishing rods to buy online are each designed for a specific fishing discipline. There are as many fishing rods as there are types of fish – well, perhaps not that many – and fishing rods for sale will suit the needs of everyone from the beginning angler to the professional in whatever discipline they choose.

Fishing rods are cheap if you’re purchasing them for a youngster or if you just want to drop a hook and line into the water at a local lake. But fishing rod prices vary depending on the exact specialty of the rod needed. A fly casting fishing rod has characteristics that make it unsuitable for a baitcasting fishing rod, for example. There are rods for casting from boats, from casting from the surf. There are fly fishing rods. There are spinning rods.

J & H offers over 1500 different fishing rods, with hundreds for each different discipline and for all price ranges. We also have fishing rod accessories, of course.

Fishing rods to buy online at J&H feature such brands as Daiwa, G. Loomis, Phenix, Shimano and Tsunami. Most manufacturers have products for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.  Fishing rods for sale come without reels for the most part – enabling the purchaser to choose the specific reel he or she wants.  You can mount the reel yourself, or take it to your local fishing shop to have it mounted for you. J & H does offer combo rods, of course – rods where the reel has already been mounted for you.

Fishing rods are cheap if the material from which they are manufactured is inexpensive.  These inexpensive rods are designed for the beginning angler, someone who just wants to try out the sport to see if they enjoy it. After you’ve taken your family fishing and found that the fishing “experience” is one they enjoy, you can invest in rods that will be more suitable for the dedicated angler.

Fishing rod prices reflect the materials used in their manufacturer – rods can be made of graphite or fiberglass or some composite material. Grips and guides may be basic or top of the line. The reel “seat” – the location where the reel is mounted, comes with the rod. Some fishermen like to build their own rods and buy everything, including reel seats, to mount on the rods themselves.

Fishing rods to buy online introduce you and your family to the grand spot of fishing and to the great outdoors. If you wish more information about the best fishing rods for sale to suit you, please contact us today.

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