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Casting Rods

Welcome to the world of baitcasting. You can find plenty of casting rods to buy online here at J & H. Baitcastng is an exhilarating sport and casting rods for sale here represent the top names in the rod business: Abu Garcia, Daiwa and Dobyns, Evergreen and G. Loomis, Lamiglas and Megabass, Penn and Phenix, Shimano and St. Croix, and last but not least, Tsunami.

Don’t think of casting rods as cheap or expensive, think of them as the ticket to the wide world of the outdoors. When you’re standing at lake’s edge, or in a boat, or at the edge of a dock, you are in tune with nature and see nature’s beauty all around you.

Nothing tastes better than pan-fried fish you caught yourself, or looks better than a trophy fish on the wall of your home that you hauled in with one of our casting rods for sale. If you fish only “catch and release,” that’s great too, as it’s the exhilaration of reeling that big fish in that is more than half the fun.

What fish can you go after with a premium casting rod to buy online? Musky and pike are easy prey with these rods, as are fluke, flounder and seabass.

Casting rods are cheap when amortized over the life of the rod, and the lifetime of enjoyment you achieve from it. It’s important to purchase the right kind of rod, however. As some rods are designed for inshore fishing, others for deepwater fishing, others for jigging, and so on. There are so many casting rods for sale that you may feel a sense of paralysis, not knowing which one to purchase!

That’s where we at J & H come in. We are here to help you decide what is the best rod, or rods, for you at your price range, from casting rods cheap to casting rods intermediate to casting rods top of the line.

Casting rods prices are great when you consider the materials that they are made of. They need to be strong to bear the weight of a fighting fish, but light enough so that you won’t tire yourself after six or seven hours of fishing. Technology is improving the weight to power ratio all the time.

Casting rods to buy online are for experienced anglers or those beginners who want to jump right in with both feet. It takes a while to learn how to cast with these rods, and “backlash” is a constant happening to the beginning caster until he or she truly learns how to handle a casting rod. But once you are an expert with a casting rod you will find that it increases your enjoyment – and your catch.

Casting rods for sale at J & H will deliver the quality rods you need to really enjoy your angling experience. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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