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Shimano Talavera Blue Water Deep Drop Rods

Shimano Talavera Blue Water Deep Drop Rods


Daiwa Tanacom Dendoh Rods

Daiwa Tanacom Dendoh Rods


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Enhance Your Deep Drop Kite Fishing Experience with High-Quality Rods

J & H has a selection of deep drop rods for sale from a top manufacturer, Daiwa. When you’re fishing deep water for grouper, snapper or tuna, you need a sturdy rod and an electric reel to help you reel these monsters up from the deep. By the deep, we’re talking 600 feet or more.  By more, we mean 2000 feet. We are taking deep.

You need a reel that will hold a lot of line and a rod that can handle the stress of bringing a fish straight up from their domain.  Deep drop rods prices are not too high, and deep drop rods you buy online are quite reasonable in price.

Deep drop rods can be cheap perhaps, but they are specialist rods and reels. When you’re fishing with a rod of this nature, you need heavy  tackle. There’s no absolute need for an electric reel but it’s technology out there that can make your adventure a much more enjoyable one and less time consuming. Reeling up a line from 2,000 feet using your own hand, wrist and forearm muscles takes a lot of time and effort!

Deep drop rods for sale are an essential tool for hauling in those big fish whose sheer weight is against you, not to mention the depth at which you have hooked them. Deep drop reels to buy online are usually only 5-and-a half to 6-and-a-half feet in length. That’s all that’s needed. Deep drop rods have to be very sturdy of course, and they also have to be comfortable. For this reason the butt is usually curved so that they rest in the fishing rod holders on the boat. Deep drop rods are cheap because they deliver so much fishing excitement at a very reasonable price.

Deep drop rods prices vary by manufacturer and of course  these particular rods do not come with reels – you have your choice of mounting manual or electric reels.  You will find several deep drop rod models here at J & H. Check out each page and compare features such as length, power and  action, handle style, type of guides and number of guides, and material of which the reel seat is made.

Deep drop rods you buy online promise a thrilling fishing experience. Deep drop fishing is not for the dilettante – it takes a lot of effort to battle these fish and you will truly have earned your trophy when you haul it into the boat.  With the deep drop rods cheap as they are, you can have several lines deployed with the butts of the rods secure in the boat receptacles, and the whole family can have fun – even teenagers – thanks to the modern technology of electric reels.

If you’re curious about what it takes to go deep drop fishing, contact us today.