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St Croix Imperial Fly Switch Rods

St Croix Imperial Fly Switch Rods


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Elevate Your Fly Fishing Experience with Premium Fly Rods

We’ve got dozens of fly rods for sale at J&H, all from a top manufacturer, St. Croix.  Fly fishing is one of the most relaxing forms of angling – standing in waders in a steam, casually casting for any fish that may happen to come by. You enjoy the silence and the beauty of nature.

Fly rods you buy online are used for freshwater fishing. Think about taking your family on a trip to a nice remote cabin near a river, equipping them all with fly rods, cheap or expensive. You can do that with the wide range of prices of fly rods for sale here.

A lot of fly rods for sale are anywhere from two to four pieces, but secure together so perfectly that they act just like a single rod. They average nine feet in length, with a fast action.  When looking for fly rods to buy online, pay attention to the all-important specifications – what’s the handle style (well, half-well, or cigar), what’s the seat type, and what’s the guide type?

When you look at these specifications of fly rods for sale, you’ll see one called Line rating fly. What’s that? This is the weight of line that the manufacturer suggests you use with the rod – although this line weight is not written in stone. It really does depend on your own fishing style.

Fly rods cheap, medium or expensively priced will each have a suggested line rating, but remember that it is just a suggested rating. You can really fish with any line – and any weight of lure -  you like, as we mentioned above.

As you move up in fly rods prices, you’ll find more and more features that the rod provides. Not only should you check the specifications but also take a look at all the photos we provide so you can see just what the handle looks like, as well as the rest of the blank, the guides and so on.

Fly rods to buy online will of course not come with reels, they are separate, unless you are going to buy a combo which does have rod and reel attached. Those are fine for beginning anglers, but for the serious fisherman, mixing and matching rods and reels for fly rods for sale is the way to go.

Fly rods prices are representative of the craft that goes into manufacturing these slender yet powerful beauties.  They come in a variety of colors from honey to blue to grey. Fly rods cheap are a source of entertainment and to put fish on your table. Introduce your family when young to the joy of fly fishing and they’ll enjoy the outdoors for life.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our fly rods for sale. We are here to help.