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Fly Fishing Rods

We’ve got dozens of fly rods for sale at J&H, all from a top manufacturer, St. Croix.  Fly fishing is one of the most relaxing forms of angling – standing in waders in a steam, casually casting for any fish that may happen to come by. You enjoy the silence and the beauty of nature.

Fly rods you buy online are used for freshwater fishing. Think about taking your family on a trip to a nice remote cabin near a river, equipping them all with fly rods, cheap or expensive. You can do that with the wide range of prices of fly rods for sale here.

A lot of fly rods for sale are anywhere from two to four pieces, but secure together so perfectly that they act just like a single rod. They average nine feet in length, with a fast action.  When looking for fly rods to buy online, pay attention to the all-important specifications – what’s the handle style (well, half-well, or cigar), what’s the seat type, and what’s the guide type?

St Croix Imperial Fly Switch Rods

St Croix Imperial Fly Switch Rods


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