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Jigging Casting Rods

Jigging casting rods to buy online are meant for bait casting, and jigging spinning rods are not. Many people don’t realize that the two rods are different, the reels that will attach to those rods are different, and it’s important not to confuse the two!

Spinning rods are much easier to learn to use than jigging casting rods for sale, because baitcasting is an acquired skill that needs to be practiced. Beginners are typically advised to start their angling adventure with a spinning rod and then make the jump to baitcasting once they’re decided they enjoy the sport and want to try different options.

Jigging casting rods prices will compare with jigging spinning rods, so what’s the difference between the rods? Jigging casting rods have the reel mounted on top of the rod. Spinning rods, in contrast, will have the reel mounted beneath the rod. The eyelets through which the fishing line goes are therefore on top of the jigging casting rod, and on the bottom of the jigging spinning rod.

Jigging casting rods may be cheap or expensive, just like any other rod you might be interested in purchasing. If you’re a serious angler, you may purchase several rods and have different weights of line on each one so that you can fish for different types of fish simultaneously.

Jigging casting rods to buy online are, as the name implies, specifically for jigging although you can use them for other types of fishing as well. Jigging casting rods manufacturers carried by J & H include Black Hole USA, Daiwa, Maxel, Penn. Phenix, Shimano, Sloopster, St. Croix and Tsunami.

When learning the art of the jigging casting rods for sale, you’ll probably have problems with “backlash” – the line getting tangled inside your spool. This happens to even the most experienced anglers, but it happens to beginners most often. Don’t let this discourage you, eventually you’ll get the hang of it. Backlash happens whatever are the jigging casting rods prices, too. It’s a matter of technique, not poor equipment. Jigging casting rods may be cheap and reels may be inexpensive also, but they’ll do the job once you acquire the technique. (Having said that, technology continues to improve so one day backlash may be a thing of the past. Until that time – practice your technique to solve the problem.

Jigging casting rods to buy online are manufactured from the latest high-tech materials and incorporate the latest designs. Take a look at our complete line today.

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