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Jigging Spinning Rods

Jigging spinning rods to buy online are “not your grandfather’s fishing rod,” as the saying goes. Today’s jigging spinning rods are shorter, lighter, and strong enough to help you haul up the heaviest of catches from the bottom of a lake.

Jigging spinning rods for sale are designed for use in boats. They are usually only a little longer than 6 feet, and are quite bendy to help take the strain off you as you reel in your fish. But don’t worry, they’re quite sturdy – they’re designed to bend in that “U shape” or parabola and the rod can take it.

Jigging spinning rods, cheap and not-so-cheap, carried by J & H include the following brands: Black Hole USA, Daiwa, Penn, Phenix, Shimano, Sloopster, St. Croix and Tsunami. You’ll have heard the names – Penn Carnage, St. Croix Mojo, Phenix Megalodon – and the rods are as fun to fish with as their names would imply.

Jigging spinning rods prices are not quite as inexpensive for the beginner as other types of rods, but like alrods there are a variety of price points for the part-time to the serious angler and everything in between. When looking for a jigging spinning rod, price is obviously a consideration if you’re just entering the sport. Die-hard anglers look for other qualities in their rods and prices are a secondary concern.

Jigging spinning rods to buy online are used with reels and braided line. The technique of “jigging” means to use lures rather than live bait which you jerk up and down, or “jig” in order to attract your quarry. Jigging spinning rods for sale require specialist reels, and the braided line allows the angler to catch heavier fish using a lighter rod.

Always remember when calculating jigging spinning rods prices that the reel and line will be an additional cost. Jigging spinning rods are cheap means of entertainment – you can spend all day out on the lake and bring home dinner to eat, too. Or a trophy fish, of course!

Jigging spinning rods for sale will take you into a whole new world of fishing if are new to the sport. Spending time out on the lake with family and friends is relaxing, and there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as feeling a “hit” on the line and reeling in a big fish. Jigging spinning rods to buy online are excellent for the whole family, although you’ll want to keep your eyes on the kids if it’s their first-time fishing.

We at J & H love talking about fishing, so if you have any questions about jigging spinning rods to buy online or jigging spinning rods prices, you know who to ask.

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