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Rod Accessories

Rod accessories for sale at J & H include rod cushions, rod wrap and specialized adhesive for fishing rod tips.  These rod accessories you can buy online are must-haves for your tackle box, and we advise you stock up on at least the adhesive as that will always come in handy!

Rod accessories prices are quite reasonable, which is why it’s a good idea to stock up on a couple rod cushions and rod wraps, but most of all that adhesive to do any emergency repairs to your rod, as we mentioned above. Rod accessories are cheap and enhance your comfort so why not pick up a rod cushion or rod wrap? Packages of adhesive don’t take up much room in your tackle box, either.

Rod accessories to buy online at J & H include adhesives from Flex Coat, rod cushions from Luna Sea and rod wrap from Winn.

All rod accessories for sale at J & H are optional. But these items sure do come in handy when you’re out on the hunt for fish. Here at J&H  we aim to be your one-stop tackle shop and we stock the best quality products for our customers. Rod accessories are cheap, so why hesitate? There are so many reasons to equip yourself with rod adhesive, wrap, and rod cushions, that we’re going to list a few of them here.

Rod accessories to buy online include rod butt cushions from Luna Sea.  Rod cushions really come in handy – don’t get yourself stabbed in the belly with a rod butt before deciding that having a cushion is a really good idea! In addition, a little additional – but very light weight  – gear on your rod helps you distinguish your rods from anyone else's, if you’ve bought several rods of the same type for your family members.

Another way to distinguish your rods from others is with rod accessories cheap like the rod wrap from Winn. This rod wrap comes in four different colors, so you can wrap each of your rods in a different color for ease of identification. They’re cool to look at and they don’t hamper the performance of your rods in any way. It’s important that rod wrap and adhesive don’t get slick so your hands slip all the time, and this wrap fills the bill.

Rod accessories prices are such that you can protect all of your rods for a very reasonable outlay. Rod accessories for sale such as tip adhesive, for example, will be needed eventually. If not by you than by some other member of your fishing party, and you’ll be quite the hero if you can pull some rod adhesive out of your pocket or tackle box and say, “Here you go.”

If you have any questions on any of our fishing rods accessories, contact us immediately!