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Spinning Rods

If you’re just starting with angling, you may not know the difference between spinning rods to buy online and casting rods. The general rule of thumb is that beginnings should start out with spinning rods for sale, and then move up to casting rods which has a casting technique that is more difficult to learn. But many of today’s enthusiastic anglers will use spinning rods exclusively.

Spinning rods are cheap to some extent, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a lot of fun fishing with them and catch some decent sized fish. Spinning rod prices are for the rod itself, it is important to note – the buyer must also purchase an appropriate spinning reel, which increases the price. The reason why most fishing rods come without reels is to allow the purchaser to in essence “build their own.” They may have several of the same types of rods but have a different reel on each one, each one with a different weight of line to handle a different kind of fish.

Spinning rods to buy online introduce you and your family to the world of fishing. If you’re an experienced angler, you’ll appreciate the wide variety of spinning rods for sale and the ability to purchase several different rods at excellent prices to suit your every need. The more you fish the more you know that you need more than just a single rod.

Spinning rod prices will eventually pay for themselves, whether in food you catch to eat, trophy fish, or just the fact that you and your buddies, or your family, are having fun together in the outdoors.

Spinning rods to buy online at J & H represent the following top manufacturers: the Daiwa Tatula, the Dobyns Sierra, the G Loomis Greenwater and their Pro-Blue series, all the way to the Tsunami Slimwave and the Tsunami Airwave.

Spinning rods for sale are available in every price range.  And thanks to our comparison feature, you can browse through rods from all our manufacturers to find just the right one for you. Watch our videos on your video channel to see these rods in action.

Spinning rods can be cheap at J & H or their prices can reflect the absolute top of the line rods, which are used be dedicated fisherman or even the professionals who make a living at this sport. Spinning rod prices from J & H are the best in the business and our customer service is exemplary.  We are happy to discuss any aspect of your rod and reel purchase with you – you only need to contact us. We want you to be happy customers, because happy customers are repeat customers!

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