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Surf Rods

Just what are surf rods for sale? Surf rods are made specifically for those anglers who want to fish from the ocean’s shore. Surf fishing is generally a salt water  sport, but some people do surf fish at fresh water lakes or reservoirs.

But salt water surf fishing is the most popular way to enjoy this sport, and surf rods you buy online at J & H are the rods for you. We carry over 10 manufacturers’ lines, from Century and Daiwa all the way down the alphabet to Star Rods and Tsunami. Each manufacturer brings its own strengths and designs to the manufacturing of surf rods.

Surf rods prices do range from the inexpensive to the expensive, as of course is the case for all rods. Beginners will start out with surf rods cheap, until they learn the sport and decide they want to invest more money and time in the activity.

Surf rods you buy online will intrigue you, as you could purchase both spinning rods and casting rods designed specifically for surf fishing. When surf fishing there is also apparel you will need, such as waders, which of course J & H carries.

Your typical surf rods for sale are at least 7 feet long and can range all the way up to 24 feet long. Most surf angler stay below an 18-foot rod, however! Surf rods prices don’t necessarily reflect the length of the rod, but rather the material with which it is made, if the reel seat is adjustable or not, and things of that nature.  Surf rods cheap are typically not going to be 18 feet long, however!

Why do surf rods you buy online vary in length? Well, a 10-foot rod is typically used with a plug. Plugs, if you’ve never heard the term, are fishing lures with a hard body. You’ll use light bait with a slightly longer rod, and solid bait with the longer rods.

Surf rods prices also do not reflect whether the rod will come in one or two pieces. Don’t be hesitant at buying rods that are in pieces – especially since the tip of the rod can be varied depending on the type of fish you are going after. Light tips are more sensitive than heavy tips, for example.

Surf rods, cheap they may be or more expensivereflect the materials used in the guides. It’s essential that they not be abrasive or they will impede the progress of the line ratting through during castling. Surf rods prices also are to be watched, because you need a surf rod – and reel – that can withstand not only salt water but also sand.

We are here to help you choose the best surf rods for sale. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions. 

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