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Travel Rods

Travel rods to buy online are ideal for the frequent traveler who likes to go fishing whenever he or she can, but doesn’t have the room to bring a full-size rod. If you’re flying, bringing travel rods that are cheap or relatively inexpensive makes a lot of sense. Travel rods prices are reasonable and the rod can fit right in your suitcase.

Travel rods for sale at J & H include major brands: Fox Sport Fishing, Okuma, Sloopster and St. Croix. Each of these manufacturers offers travel rods prices that won’t break the bank.

Travel rods to buy online, regardless of manufacturer, come in three or four pieces which screw together. These three pieces are designed in such a way that, irrespective of if they are travel rods cheap or expensive, they will feel in your hand as if they are a single rod.

Of course travel rods may seem cheap because you also have to purchase the appropriate reel to install on it. A reel will have its own case, as will the travel rod you purchase. Make sure you purchase one that floats!

Travel rods for sale will average seven feet in length. Each of our travel rods you can buy online is suitable for a different type of fishing – from inshore fishing to fishing from a canoe or other small craft. Read the descriptions of each rod carefully to see what kind of fish they are ideal for catching. The best travel rods prices are for sports rods that can handle game fish such as striped bass and grouper.

When comparing travel from cheap to expensive at J&H, pay attention to the length of the rod – which will range from six to eight feet. The power will be from low to high. The action will be from fast to slow. There is all sorts of information provided in the descriptions for these rods that you’ll need to know to make an informed choice.

What does “action” mean in travel rods to buy online? Action and power are inter-related terms. A rod with fast action bends only at the tip of the fishing rod. A rod with moderate action, also called medium action, is one that will bend from the top half of the rod. The rods with slow action are the ones that will bend almost in a u-shape.

The foregrip material of travel rods for sale at J&H is typically cork, although some rods will use a material called EVA, which is a polymer that absorbs shock.  

There are different handle styles for travel rods, whether cheap or expensive. The handle refers to the grip, the seat for the reel, and the butt cap. Some travel rods prices reflect the fact that a rod will come with an interchangeable tip, one that will be heavier than the other – enabling you fish for different species using the same rod, simply by which tip you choose.

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