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Wire Line Fishing Rods

Wire line fishing rods are specialized rods designed specifically for fishing with wire lines. Wire lines are often used in trolling, particularly in deep water fishing, because they are heavy and sink quickly, enabling lures to reach greater depths than standard monofilament or braided lines.

These rods are typically constructed to be more robust and durable than standard fishing rods, as wire lines can generate a lot of tension and stress. The rod blanks are usually made from strong materials like heavy-duty fiberglass or composite blends, providing the necessary strength to handle the unique demands of wire line fishing.

One of the key features of a wire line rod is its guides. They are made from materials that can withstand the abrasive nature of the wire line, such as stainless steel or other hard, durable metals. These guides are also often larger to facilitate the smooth passage of the wire and to reduce the wear and tear on both the line and the rod.

The handles of wire line rods are designed for comfort and grip, often made of materials like cork or durable synthetic substances, to provide stability and control during the strenuous process of trolling with wire lines.

Due to the specific nature of their use, wire line rods are typically used by more experienced anglers who are targeting large, deep-water species like lake trout, salmon, or saltwater species. The rods are usually paired with reels that are also designed for wire line fishing, capable of handling the heavy line and the large, powerful fish that are often targeted with this technique.

Tsunami Trophy Wire Line Rods

Tsunami Trophy Wire Line Rods


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