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Tsunami Trophy Wire Line Rods

Tsunami Trophy Wire Line Rods


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Discover Durable and Reliable Wire Line Rods for Deep Water Fishing

J & H has wire line rods for sale!  What are wire line rods, you are asking. Wire line rods you buy online are used for salt water fishing.  The nice thing about wire line is that it weighs more than mono line or braid line, but it is also thinner. Because of this, wire line doesn’t have as much resistance in the water as the other types of line, and makes it a snap to reel it in.

Wire line rods prices are good, and if you’re interested in deep trolling, wire line rods are a cheap way to go. Well…we say cheap. In a sense they are, although wire line costs more than braided or mono line. Because wire line weighs more, they sink easier, and there’s no need for heavy sinkers to bring them all the way down to the bottom. When you look at the offsets of the cost of the gear as opposed to the ease of getting the wire line down to the bottom and then reeling it in again, the word cheap does seem applicable.

Wire line rods for sale at J & H are represented by the manufacturers Tony Maja and Tsunami.  

When you look at the specifications for these rods you’ll see that they do have a gimbal. What’s a gimbal on wire line rods you buy online? All salt water fishing rods used for trolling will have gimbals, which help secure the butt end of the rod into a rod holder, particular those in harnesses or belts, to help provide the leverage needed to reel that game fish in.  

Wire line rods for sale will give you a different experience than any other type of rod. They are light weight and sensitive, which is essential. Wire line rods are cheap at the price, though manufactured with the latest technology such as a graphite composite.  The guides will be of a material such as braced tungsten carbide, because they need to be strong and resist wear.

Wire line rods prices are in the hundred dollar range – but remember a reel is going to add to the cost, as will the wire line. The wire line is also heavier, remember, so that is a factor to bear in mind.

Wire line rods for sale are not as plentiful as the other types of rods – they are used specifically for trolling and we predict that they will gain in popularity because of their specialized use.

Wire line rods cheap are a matter of opinion. By purchasing online you receive a savings that you can then use for the reel and the line.  Altogether the gear will be worth it in the improved performance of your trolling and the trophy fish you’ll be able to display on your walls.

Wire line rods for sale will provide you with a unique experience. Talk to us today about wire line rods you can buy online here.