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J & H carries fishing clips for sale. The terms fishing clips and fishing snaps are used interchangeably, as they are pretty much the same thing. Clips look like wild-and-crazy paperclips, for the most part, but they are a lot sturdier and can withstand the pull of a variety of fish. Just choose the weight appropriate for the fish you’re going after, anything from 20 to 30 pounds up to 125 pounds.

The fishing clips to buy online that we showcase are from the manufacturers Decoy, Spro, and Tactical Anglers. When looking for the different kinds of fishing clips and fishing snaps to purchase, you’ll see that all of them are generally approved for use in saltwater. You can use this gear in fresh water as well, but fresh water gear typically isn’t suited for use in salt water, as the salt in the water will rust or corrode unprotected or untreated gear quickly. However, the line itself doesn’t know the difference! It’s the metals in the reels or other gear such as clips that will be harmed.

Fishing clips prices are inexpensive, so you can stock up on quite a few. When fishing, however, get in the habit of checking the knots you tie, from the line to the fishing clip on a periodic basis. If you haven’t used your gear for a while, also check to make sure the knots are still secure.

Fishing clips are cheap but there’s no need to lose them when a simple maintenance task of always checking your knots can be performed.  Also check to make sure your fishing line hasn’t frayed due to the chomping of tiny teeth.

Fishing clips for sale come in see-through packs. You can purchase clips that are all the same size, or a pack that has a selection of sizes. As with all gear, it depends on the size of the rest of your gear. The clips need to be large enough to securely attach lure, leader, weights and so on, but not be large enough to spook the fish that is your quarry.

Fishing clips you buy online can be made of stainless steel, which does not rust in salt water. They can be used in angling or in the surf. As far as gear is concerned, Jigging spoons should not be tied to a clip or snap, they work best when tied directly to the fishing line. But crank baits in particular will benefit by being tied to a fishing clip.

Fishing clips prices will fit into anyone’s budget. That is the case with most terminal tackle – the hooks, clips, rings and so on that actually let you catch the fish you’re questing for. If you have any questions about what sort of clips you should purchase for what sort of gear, please contact us today.

Tactical Anglers Fishing Clips

Tactical Anglers Fishing Clips

$5.99 - $11.99

Decoy Egg Snap Fishing Clips

Decoy Egg Snap Fishing Clips


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