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Floats for sale at J & H Tackle are from the manufacturer Precision Tackle. Floats these days serve a dual purpose. They hold your bait at a desired depth, and if properly tugged (it takes some practice) they’ll make a popping noise that sounds like bait fish eating. And if a bigger fish hears bait fish eating, he’ll come swimming by to check it out – and pounce on your bait.

Floats you buy online may be used for only specialized purposes – technology has made it easy to weight lures for precise depths – but they have their uses and we recommend picking up a couple of floats. Fishing floats used to be called bobbers.  They are also referred to as “strike indicators,” since they do provide a visual help that a fish has struck your bait, but really, they’re just floats.

Floats prices will suit any budget, so pick up one or two for those times when you want to switch things up a bit. Remember that getting the cork float to “pop” without moving the bait from the grass where you’ll be fishing will take practice, but that’s the key to success with these floats!

Floats arecheap, less than five dollars. Considering the amount of redfish – not to mention other saltwater fish such as tarpon, snook, bass and more – you’ll be capturing with these gems, it’s an excellent investment.

Floats for sale are made from a variety of materials. Precision Tackle’s Back Bay Thunder Popping Cork is a weighted cone enclosing brass beads that help increase your casting distance. These floats come equipped with a wire leader.

Floats you buy online make fishing fun. Although they help any angler catch fish, they are particular popular with young kids who are able to tell they’ve got a fish on the line more when the float jerks than by a sensitive touch with the fishing rod.

Floats prices will have you appreciative of modern manufacturing techniques. Floats are such a simple device, but they work so well. The noise serves to attract fish, so does the bright orange color. These colors also make them easy to find in your tackle box!

Floats are cheap, but as we emphasize, that’s their price, not the material they’re made of. Floats are sturdy and will give you years of use as long as you take care of them. Rinse your floats and other gear off after each use and store them in your tackle box.

If you have any question about floats for sale, please don’t hesitate to send us your queries. Whether you have one question or several, we will tell you what you want to know.