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Fishing hooks for sale at J & H, your fishing tackle super store, are featured from manufacturers or brands such as Berkley, Decoy, Gamakatsu, Hogy, Joe Baggs, Mustad, Owner, S&S Bucktails, Savage Gear and VMC. The quality of your catch will ultimately depend on the quality of your hooks, so it’s important to look at the specifications.  We offer treble hooks – featuring three sharp hooks, siwash hooks (a single hook) that are ideal for fishing in weedy locations, circle hooks which are ideal for shark fishing and so on.

Fishing hooks you buy online are designed to catch certain types of fish. The circle hook for shark fishing, shot hooks for panfish like crappie and sunfish, or shiner hooks when you’re going after fluke.

Fishing hooks prices are quite reasonable. Prices depend on whether or not you’re buying a package of hooks or a single hook. Of course, it’s always best to stock up on hooks, as we always advise our customers. You benefit because we include shipping for free for any order over one hundred dollars.

Fishing hooks are cheap. Consider octopus fishing hooks, for example. They can be purchased in packs of 25, and at about a dollar a hook these packs cost a little over twenty-five dollars. Some manufacturers only sell their hooks in bulk packs. As you browse through our hooks pages, take note of what each hook is to be used for. It may even intrigue you to try a new type of fishing!

Fishing hooks for sale incorporate technology just as all other fishing gear does. Fishing hooks must be sturdy, and corrosion resistant. Jig heads will have little fish-resemblant heads attached to the top of the hook. Spring-lock hooks are used for soft plastic lures, which don’t weigh anything. So you may want to “fish weightless,” or you may want to add a few weights to send the plastic lure lower down in the water column.

Fishing hooks you buy online will require practice to use effectively. From casting, to retrieving the lure, they all have different characteristics depending on how you conduct the retrieve. The more you fish, the more you’ll learn which actions attract which types of fish.

Fishing hook prices are so reasonable that we don’t want you to get carried away. Although we encourage our customers to stock up on various items, you should only do so with items you’re actually going to use. Ask to experiment with a friend’s rig before you start purchasing such rigs yourself, for example.

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