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Rigging Materials

Many anglers like to design and create their own rigs. We stock a wide variety of rigging materials for sale at J & H Tackle, just for those do-it-yourselfers. And the longer someone fishes, the more apt they are to be a do-it-yourselfer.

Rigging materials you buy online consist of items like weights, bait keepers, thimbles, sinker stops, and loop protectors.  These items are from top manufacturers such as American Fishing Wire, Billfisher, Du Bro, Hogy, TUF-Line and VMC.

Rigging materials prices are miniscule in comparison to all the other gear you need. For example, ten pieces of VMC Neko Weights cost less than four dollars. A Hogy screw keeper – which will help to keep your soft baits on the hook, is less than five dollars for a pack of six.

Rigging materials are cheap, but make sure you check the specs to see if they are approved for use in salt water. But even if they are corrosion resistant, it is a good idea to rinse off all your rigging materials and let them air dry completely before returning them to your tackle box.

Rigging materials for sale include weights, such as the VMC Half Moon Wacky Weight. These cone shaped weights are made to easily be inserted and removed from a soft plastic bait. The weight is in the head of the cone, and this imparts a “wacky” movement to your worm or stick bait. There are three different weights available: 1/16 oz, 1/8 oz, and3/16 oz.

Rigging materials you buy online also include such essential items as thimbles from Billfisher. These are a specialized item, for use with spreader bars to prevent chafing to your monofilament line after it’s been crimped.  Thimbles can be used with Loop Protectors from Billfisher as well. As with thimbles, the loop protector helps prevent crimps from chafing your monofilament line.

Rigging materials prices vary depending on what particular material you are purchasing. For example, we offer a Du Bro E/Z Twist Tool, which lets the do-it-yourself make his or her own haywire twist leaders. It’s a tool that requires a bit of practice before the twists come out perfect every time.

Rigging materials are cheap when it comes to such essential items as sinker stops. Sinker stops prevent your sinkers from damaging your fishing line, and they come in different sizes.

If you have any questions about rigging materials you buy online from us, please remember we are here to help you. Contact us today. There is no question too small! If you want to ask about weights, about twisting tools, about any rigging materials at all, please do so.

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