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J & H Tackle stocks rigs for sale from the following manufacturers: Marathon, Tide Rite and Tsunami. A rig is a group of items needed to catch fish that already comes assembled so that you, the angler, don’t need to do anything except attach it to your line and start casting. A rig may have hooks, sinkers, floats (or bobbers) lures and even more, all put together in an attractive package to catch fish.

Rigs you buy online are designed for certain types of fish, though really any fish may bite on them if they’re hungry enough! For example, Tide Rite offers a Porgy rig that consists of a mono leader, two baitholder hooks (onto which you put live bait), and a three-way swivel with a sinker snapped on. Porgy, also called bream, are bottom dweller who prefer seagrass beds. In the United States, you’ll be fishing for scup and sheepshead.

Rigs prices are quite inexpensive regardless of what kind of fish you’ll be targeting.  What are baitholder hooks? Bait holder hooks hold bait – whether live bait or plastics. Other types of hooks include Virginia hooks (used for tautog and blackfish), octopus hooks, and wide gap hooks. There is a reason for every kind of hook used on a particular rig.

Rig prices are cheap compared with putting together these rigs yourself, and they also save you time. Have several different rigs on hand so you can swap out whenever you wish to try a different attractant.

Rigs for sale from the manufacturer Tide Rite include those for fishing porgy, blackfish, flounder, and fluke. These rigs come in a variety of hook sizes, depending on the size of fish you wish to catch. Tsunami offers glass minnow jigging rigs and teaser rigs. Some rigs are designed specifically to catch baitfish, which you then use to catch the game fish you’re really after.

Rigs to buy online from J & H also include Tide Rite’s Snapper Slammer rig, so if you’re going to fish for snapper this is the rig you want to try. These are ideal for standing on a dock, just waiting for the fish to come to you.

Rig prices for porgy fishing will deliver excitement. They are quite the fighting fish and you will enjoy the battle. Porgies are also quite delicious. Rigs are cheap when they deliver the fun of catch and release, or to place a meal on your table. Of course, blackfish, flounder and fluke are pretty tasty as well!

New to fishing with pre-rigged items? We’re happy to discuss rigs with you, as well as any other product we carry. Please don’t hesitate – contact us today!

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