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Tungsten sinkers we offer for sale at J & H are represented by the manufacturer Reims. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and weights. Tungsten sinkers are ideal because they are safe for the environment, as opposed to lead sinkers that can cause lead poisoning.

Tungsten sinkers you buy online are dense, like lead, so a small sinker can do its job and will not visually alert fish that there’s something “fishy” about it. (Ouch!)

Tungsten sinkers prices are slightly more expensive than lead, but it is worth it to protect the environment – the only one we’ve got. So tungsten sinkers aren’t cheap, relatively speaking, but in the grand scheme of things they are quite cheap.

Tungsten sinkers for sale are particularly used by bass fishermen. Take the Reins sliding football head sinkers for example. With sliding football head sinkers, the fish hits the line, and the weight just slides up or down, as the case may be. This helps make sure the fish isn’t able to spit out the hook.  

The best manufacturers of tungsten sinkers you buy online also includes an insert in the weight which helps prevent your expensive line from fraying.  So it is with the Reins tungsten sinkers.

As the name implies nail sinkers look like nails, and are inserted into soft plastics to give them weight.  Tungsten sinkers prices vary depending on the number of sinkers you purchase per pack, and the type of sinkers they are – football head sinkers, nail sinkers, slip sinkers and so on.

Tungsten sinkers when bought in bulk are cheap. That is the case with most things, a single item costs more than if you buy several. And at J & H, remember the more you buy, the more you save, because if you purchase over one hundred dollars of products from us, shipping is free.

Tungsten sinkers for sale also come in the shape of drop shot sinker weights. These weights are used when you’re fishing with a rocky bottom. The sinkers are conical in shape which helps prevent them snagging in heavy cover.

Tungsten sinkers you buy online will fill the bill regardless of which type of angling you are going to pursue. So, stock up on quite a few of different shapes, sizes and weights for all your fishing needs.

Tungsten sinkers prices are necessary as the final touch in the terminal tackle for your fishing expedition. Sinkers take your lure down to the necessary depth and holds it there. Deep trolling with wire line sort of obviates the need for a sinker, but in all other applications, sinkers are extremely helpful.

Tungsten sinkers are cheap when you consider the job they have to do. Having said that, you don’t want to lose them! Losing some sinkers is probably inevitable, but over the course of time, you want to limit your losses of sinkers as much as possible. Sinkers with sleeves to prevent line fraying also help protect against the loss of sinker.

If you have any questions about tungsten sinkers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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