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Fishing weights for sale at J & H are ideal for trolling. We offer trolling sinkers from manufacturers such as Danielson.  These sinkers are sold in bulk so you get anywhere from 44 to 56 of them, with individual weights from three ounces to four ounces to five ounces.

Fishing weights you buy online from us come in bulk and have a banana shape, which makes them spin as they are reeled in. This is why there are also called Spin Sinkers. These sinkers are ideal for use in fresh water as well as salt water. Use them for trolling or mooching. Mooching, is a somewhat new term that hasn’t made it into the online dictionaries yet, but any angler will know what you mean. It’s simply a great way to catch salmon! If you’re on the west coast, you’ll know mooching as drift fishing, but east coasters do it a bit differently.

Fishing weights prices may surprise you but check what you get for the price. These banana-, or crescent-, shaped sinkers or drails are sold in bulk and qualify for free shipping. Fishing weights may not seem cheap, but you get quite a few for the price!

Fishing weights for sale are small but oh so essential. Not only do they carry your line down to the depth you wish, but the spinning motion attracts the fish who just can’t resist it.

Trolling with fishing weights you buy online is an ideal way to catch fish. Spin sinkers in particular are excellent tools because the spinning motion catches the eye of the prey fish and looks like…well…prey.

Fishing weights prices for these banana drails is representative of the function they serve. They are designed so as to prevent the line from twisting while being reeled in. There are two swivels, attached to either end of the sinker. Each of the swivels is a different shape, which causes the spinning motion that is so attractive to fish.

Fishing weights are cheap at the price. These trolling drails are ideal to catch a wide variety of fish such as bluefish or weakfish.  Make sure when you are trolling that you troll at the proper speed for the fish you’re trying to catch and pay attention at all times to what’s going on around you. If one of the rods you’re trolling with gets a hit, you need to be able to see it immediately and react accordingly.

Fishing weights for sale such as these banana drails are part of your rigging. As you gain more experience, you’ll be doing your rigging yourself, although J & H does carry pre-rigged hooks and sinkers should you care to use those.

J&H Tackle Bank Sinkers

J&H Tackle Bank Sinkers


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