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Bubba Blade 7" Tapered Flex Blade Knife

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The Bubba Blade 7" Tapered Flex Blade Knife is an essential tool for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts who require precision and durability in their equipment. This knife is specifically designed for filleting fish and other delicate tasks, offering exceptional control and flexibility. Its design ensures that it meets the high standards of performance and reliability that Bubba Blade is known for, making it a trusted choice among professionals and hobbyists alike.

Superior Blade Design

The standout feature of the Bubba Blade 7" Tapered Flex Blade Knife is its superior blade design. The 7-inch blade is crafted from high-carbon stainless steel, which provides excellent sharpness and edge retention. The tapered flex design allows the blade to bend without breaking, offering the precision needed for delicate filleting tasks. This flexibility ensures that you can make clean, accurate cuts every time, reducing waste and preserving the quality of your fillets.

Ergonomic Non-Slip Grip

Comfort and safety are paramount when handling sharp tools, and the Bubba Blade 7" Tapered Flex Blade Knife excels in both areas. It features Bubba’s signature non-slip grip handle, which is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The textured rubberized grip ensures a secure hold even when wet, providing the confidence you need to handle the knife safely in all conditions. This non-slip handle significantly reduces the risk of accidental slips and cuts, making it a safer choice for all users.

Durability and Corrosion Resistance

Durability is a critical factor in selecting a knife for outdoor use, and the Bubba Blade 7" Tapered Flex Blade Knife is built to last. The high-carbon stainless steel blade is coated with a non-stick finish that resists rust and corrosion, ensuring long-term performance even in harsh environments. This coating also makes cleaning the blade easier, preventing fish scales and other debris from sticking. Whether you're fishing in saltwater or freshwater, this knife is designed to withstand the elements and provide reliable performance over time.

The Bubba Blade 7" Tapered Flex Blade Knife is a must-have tool for any angler or outdoor enthusiast. Its superior blade design, ergonomic non-slip grip, and outstanding durability make it an excellent choice for filleting and other detailed cutting tasks. This knife combines precision, comfort, and reliability in one package, ensuring that you can handle any filleting job with ease. Add the Bubba Blade 7" Tapered Flex Blade Knife to your collection and experience the difference in quality and performance.

Models: BB1-7F


Total Length - 13"

Blade Material - High carbon stainless steel

Blade Length - 7"

Handle Length - 6"