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Bubba Blade 7" Tapered Flex Folding Knife

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The Bubba Blade 7" Tapered Flex Folding Knife is a versatile and essential tool for every angler and outdoor enthusiast. Designed for precise cuts and ease of transport, this folding knife offers the perfect balance of flexibility, sharpness, and durability. Whether you're filleting fish on the go or need a reliable knife for various tasks, the 7" Tapered Flex Folding Knife delivers superior performance in a compact, foldable design.

High-Quality Tapered Flex Blade:

The 7-inch blade features a tapered design that offers the perfect amount of flex for filleting and skinning. Made from premium stainless steel, it provides exceptional sharpness and precision for clean, smooth cuts.

Corrosion-Resistant Coating:

The blade is coated with a non-stick titanium-nitride finish that enhances its resistance to corrosion and rust, making it ideal for use in harsh saltwater environments. This coating also helps prevent fish scales and skin from sticking to the blade.

Ergonomic Non-Slip Handle:

The knife features Bubba's signature red non-slip grip handle, designed to provide a secure and comfortable hold even in wet conditions. The ergonomic shape ensures reduced hand fatigue, allowing for extended use with ease.

Convenient Folding Design:

The folding mechanism allows the knife to be easily and safely stowed away when not in use. This compact design makes it convenient to carry in your tackle box, pocket, or backpack, providing you with a reliable tool wherever you go.

Secure Locking Mechanism:

The knife includes a reliable locking mechanism that securely holds the blade in place during use, ensuring safety and stability. When folded, the blade is securely locked to prevent accidental openings.

Lightweight and Portable:

Weighing just a few ounces, the knife's lightweight design makes it easy to carry and maneuver. The compact size when folded adds to its portability, making it a practical choice for fishing trips and outdoor adventures.

Versatile Applications:

Ideal for filleting fish, cutting bait, and various other tasks, the 7" Tapered Flex Folding Knife is a versatile addition to any angler's toolkit. The flexible blade is perfect for delicate tasks, while the sturdy construction ensures it can handle tougher jobs as well.

Easy Maintenance:

The knife is easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its corrosion-resistant materials and non-stick coating. A quick rinse and wipe-down keep it in top condition, ready for your next fishing trip.

Safety Features:

The knife includes a lanyard hole for easy attachment to a lanyard or carabiner, enhancing its safety and accessibility. The secure folding mechanism also minimizes the risk of injury when the knife is not in use.

Trusted Brand Quality:

Bubba is known for its high-quality fishing gear and accessories. The 7" Tapered Flex Folding Knife reflects the brand's commitment to innovation, durability, and performance, trusted by professional and recreational anglers alike.

The Bubba Blade 7" Tapered Flex Folding Knife is an indispensable tool for any angler or outdoor enthusiast. Its combination of precision, portability, and durability makes it perfect for a wide range of tasks, from filleting fish to general cutting needs. Equip yourself with this high-performance knife and experience the difference in your fishing and outdoor adventures.


Total Length - 13"

Blade Material - High carbon stainless steel

Blade Length - 7"

Handle Length - 6"