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ChumCutter Bait Chunking Box

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The ChumCutter is one of those tools that makes your life so much easier! This bait box is designed to help you cut chunks significantly faster than without it. The ChumCutter is constructed of super durable Marine Grade StarBoard that is non absorbent and easy to clean. Load up the box with butterfish, or your prefered fish and with a few short strokes you have small chunks. This is going to save so much time! The ChumCutter is overbuilt with heavy-duty rubber handles and stainless steel fasteners. It is extremely corrosion resistant and will quickly become one of your favorite tools on the water. It comes with a lid used to press the fish in place while you cut them up. It also comes with a free 10" Dexter Russell knife! If you fish offshore and like to chunk, the ChumCutter is a must! Buy one today!

ChumCutter bait chunking boxes are available in 11 slot and 14 slot models. The 14 slot model has additional slots on the short sides so you can make even smaller chunks. Made in the USA!

Models: CC-11, CC-14


Color - White

Size - 11 Slot