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Daiwa 2016 BG Spinning Reels

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  • Best Reel for the money

    By Ryan Stoddard on 5/7/2021

    Great reel for the price. Make sure to spool it with 4 carrier 30 lb or 8 carrier 40 and up if you are running the drag high. Note that most reel manufacturers us the empty spool drag number. Mine puts out about 5 lbs of drag 1 turn off bottomed and 6 lbs full bottom at full spool. 5 lbs is what is usually used for species such as mahi and cobia if that helps. I have fished this same reel in the Gulf of Mexico and caught a 45 lb cobia in under 10 minutes. If you are going for schoolie striper and the occasional cow, buy the Shimano Spheros SW Inshore 4000. Otherwise, anything bigger or for big 30 lb fish, this can sustain about 2 lbs more drag with ease. I tried J-Braid 8 Grand on this, but it dug in on itself and changed to Momoi Diamondbraid 8x Gen III and no more digging. The J-Braid runs thinner than "standard" braid. I use "higher quality" reels in larger sizes, but that is for things like yellowfin tuna. This reel is great as a boat "beater" that can take being dropped, thrown around on deck, splashed with saltwater etc. Drag washers came well greased from the factory.

Daiwa 2016 BG Spinning Reels have taken the crown of best bang for your buck from Penn! Priced at $99.95-$129.95, these completely redesigned reels are packed with features found in much more expensive reels. BG reels are constructed of aluminum and feature a powerful waterproof carbon drag system. The digitally cut gears paired with seven ball bearings make these reels ridiculously smooth. One turn of the handle and you'll be asking yourself "this is a $100 reel?" With an instant anti-reverse system on the 4000 and smaller size reels and an infinite dual anti-reverse system on the larger models, you'll never have to worry about an anti-reverse failure. While the smaller reels are perfect for inshore fishing, the larger reels are the ones you want to grab when fishing nearshore or offshore. The 8000 is the perfect option for shark fishing from the beach! These reels have been tested against big fish and have performed extremely well! If you thought the old BG was a workhorse, you have to try a Daiwa 2016 BG Spinning Reel. You will be blown away by what these affordable reels can do!

Daiwa 2016 BG Spinning Reels are available in 1500-8000 sizes. They are black and gold, but you already knew that. 

Models: BG1500, BG2000, BG2500, BG3000, BG3500, BG4000, BG4500, BG5000, BG6500, BG8000


Body Material - Aluminum

Max Drag (lbs) - 4.4

Line Capacity Braid (yds/lb) - 220/8 • 130/10 • 100/15

Weight (oz) - 8.5

Bearings - 7

Gear Ratio - 5.6:1

Retrieve - Right and left

Line Capacity Mono (yds/lb) - 155/4 • 100/6 • 80/8

Line Retrieve Per Crank (in) - 28.3

Spool Material - Aluminum

Handle Shape - Power oval

Color - Black