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Daiwa Tanacom 1200 Electric Reel

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*For a limited time buy a Tanacom 1200 and we will spool it with 750 yards of 80 lb metered braid free! Just buy the reel without line and it will automatically get spooled.

Welcome to the newest generation of Daiwa electric reels. This is a big change from the previous generation. The Daiwa Tanacom 1200 Daiwa Electric Reel is more powerful and more durable than what came before it. The Tanacom 1200 features an aluminum body with a terrific aluminum ball knob. By moving the reel's motor inside of the spool, Daiwa has achieved the additional power and durability that we mentioned previously. Just like previous models, all of the electronics are fully sealed so you don't have to worry about salt and spray causing getting inside the reel and causing damage. You can even rinse off your electric reel in the same was as you would any other reel. Also, Daiwa repositioned some of the ball bearings to give them less exposure to salt, which is a good thing. The LCD is very clear and easy to use with lot of functionality. The text is in English which is necessary if you are an English speaker. If you need an electric reel with a good amount of line capacity and strong internals for deep drop fishing, buy a Daiwa Tanacom 1200 Electric Reel.

Daiwa Tanacom 1200 Power Assist Electric Reels are black and gold. They are made Japan.

Models: TANACOM 1200