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Danco Premio Titanium Pliers

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Danco Premio Titanium Pliers are a great blend of performance and price. Maybe you've never heard of Danco before but you've probably used their pliers. They are a world leader in plier manufacturing and make pliers for a lot of fishing brands. With the Premio line, they want to introduce titanium pliers that are specifically designed for fishing, but that are priced more reasonably than other pliers on the market. These Pliers are completely constructed of titanium with replaceable Titanium Cobalt cutters. One of the great features is the body of the pliers stops the line from going below the mid-line of the cutters, insuring a perfect cut every single time. Danco Premio Titanium Pliers come with a lanyard and a leather sheath that is extremely durable and will last you a long time. If you are looking to buy a pair of pliers and you want quality without the price tag, buy a pair of Danco Premio Titanium Pliers. You're going to love them every time you hit the water.

Danco Premio Titanium Pliers are available in 5.5", 6.5" and 7.5". Get a pair for yourself and one for a fishing buddy. They make an excellent gift!

Models: PT55LS-P-SB, PT65LS-P-SB, PT75LS-P-SB


Color - Gray

Length - 7.5"

Weight (oz) - 5.9

Body Material - Titanium

Cutters - Titanium Cobalt

Sheath - Yes

Lanyard - Yes